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Deliver a suite of immunization management solutions to support State and local public health professionals.

Scientific Technologies Corporation
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The Challenge

STC, the leading public health informatics company in the US, was contracted by Center for Disease Control (CDC) to deliver on a suite of immunization management solutions to support State and local public health professionals. STC was under extreme timeline pressures. Previous efforts to engage large domestic software vendors, and offshore providers had not achieved positive results.

STC was in search of a technology partner to help (1) modernize existing solutions, and (2) design and develop new solutions. STC executives were aware that the lack of internal innovation culture was working against them. Given Focus21’s experience and background in healthcare, particularly public health, STC engaged Focus21 to join their efforts.

The Approach

Focus21 engaged with STC decision-makers to develop the strategy to work with STC internal staff to design, develop, and implement a suite of immunization management solutions. Focus21’s was to rapidly integrate, work with, and in many cases - lead internal STC subject matter experts and technology staff.

In a very compressed timeline, Focus21 was to work with STC to translate originally collected requirements into a series of solution designs. Although the developed solutions were to leverage modern technologies, they needed to integrate with existing STC legacy (old stack) systems.

The Solution

Focus21 co-creation process was used to design, develop, and implement the platform. To meet very tight timelines, Focus21 and STC internal staff created several integrated teams; management of the teams was shared across both organizations.

A high degree of collaboration, coordination, and transparency was essential to success, and this was achieved through daily meetings, weekly demos, and bi-weekly visits of STC project leads to Focus21’s office in Waterloo. Several Innovation Workshops were performed to map-out and refine requirements and design.

Several solutions delivered:

Vaccine ordering and management system (VOMS)

A vaccine ordering and management software for doctors, providers and pharmacies. The solution enables providers to order, ship and keep track of vaccines digitally. VOMS identifies when vaccines are going to expire, and assists pharmacists in the trade and exchange of vaccines through various providers.

Immunization situational intelligence solutions

A suite of software applications that enable the tracking and monitoring of immunization status by geography and demographics.

Pharmacy immunization and laboratory services management system

A pharmacy immunization and lab testing management platform that enables pharmacies to schedule and manage immunizations and laboratory tests

The Results

Our clients are happy. Our own staff is happy because Focus21 increased the knowledge, capability and capacity of our own team.
- Mike Popovich, CEO

Focus21 helped STC deliver on several high-profile federal funded initiatives for Center for Disease Control, on-time and on-budget. Solutions developed manage over 100M vaccination records representing over 1B vaccination events.

Focus21 engagement was a catalyst for fundamental change within STC towards modern software approaches and technologies, and more importantly, a cultural change that embraces innovation.