Data Modelling, Analysis, Machine Learning, AI

At Focus21, we understand the value of your data as a tool to improve your product and your business.
Our team of data scientists and software engineers are skilled in database design, data analysis, machine learning – we’ve solved some highly complex challenges with large and small data sets for our clients, we’re constantly surprised and delighted by the interesting and valuable things we can pull out of datasets.  We recognize that the gems in your data sets may not be the ones we start out looking for, on more than one occasion we found a hidden, and valuable conclusion in data set.

Financial Industry Customer Case

Our team vastly improved an aging system with an extensive dataset (14 petabytes) of portfolio and trade data. Our mandate was to find valuable patterns and insights spread about in this vast dataset. The first problem, it would often take days to do queries on this data, obviously making any analysis next to impossible, so we attacked that – we restructured the data pipeline to yield data marts in a star schema data warehouse, this gave us the ability to run complex queries quickly.

Once we could do a proper analysis, we applied some simple machine learning models to see if we could predict possibly the most critical metric in business, unhappy clients.  It turned out that given the data we had  (including outcome data) we could, with a high degree of accuracy detect the behavior of an unhappy client within the client’s system – this lead to a whole branch of the client’s business that previously didn’t exist.