Software Engineering

Development at Focus21 is handled by a team of skilled, passionate software developers. They are involved in the entire production process, from the initial discovery phase through to the maintenance and support phase. Along with our clients and our designers and data scientists, they plan the best possible solution for the problem or idea at hand. Once development is underway, they combine their expertise in React, Vue, GraphQL, Node, Django, SQL, AWS and more to quickly produce a quality piece of software.

All of our projects are developed with maintainability in mind. Deployments are automated, infrastructure is described and updated as code, errors are integrated into our support system, and our updates are thoroughly tested. This allows us to be flexible and adapt to new requirements.

Our developers are always working to improve their skills and process. Besides working on the projects, they take the time to build side projects, build internal tools, work through tutorials and give back to the community by writing tutorials and hosting React meetups.