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Along with the main digital product, clients often request a redesign of their official website


Public Services Health & Safety Association


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At Focus21, we believe in a holistic approach and often undertake the global digital transformation of large companies in various industries. This includes a wide array of diverse tools for both internal use and customer interaction.

It's also common for clients to pair the main digital product with a revamp of their official website to meet modern UI/UX standards and functional content. This was precisely the case during our work with the Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA).

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PSHSA is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development of Ontario. The organization works with Ontario’s Public and Broader Public Sector employers and workers. It conducts training and offers consultations aimed at reducing workplace risks and preventing occupational diseases, injuries, and illnesses.

Additionally, the Public Services Health & Safety Association provides up-to-date information on initiatives, recent or upcoming changes in legislation, codes, and standards related to health and safety. It helps Ontario companies improve in this regard.

The work on the main project and website was carried out in collaboration with PSHSA specialists to ensure the digital products fully met their expectations.

PSHSA conducts preliminary assessments of a company's overall internal safety system, helps identify deficiencies in current health and safety prevention programs, and offers recommendations for improvement, utilizing tools developed by Focus21 among others.


In 2017, the Public Services Health & Safety Association approached Focus21 with the task of comprehensively reorganizing its safe work environment training system, which it actively used. The goal was to modernize it fully, moving away from outdated processes.

To achieve this, it was decided to create a fully functional self-service portal. Companies could use it not only to comply with health and safety legislation but also to realistically reduce potential workplace risks during any of their activities.

The website received a thoughtful UI and user-friendly UX, making it actively used by representatives of various partner companies.

In addition to the main task, there was also an additional one — to completely overhaul the official company website in such a way that it would be in line with the spirit of the times, becoming simpler, clearer, and more informative for both new and existing clients of the Public Services Health & Safety Association.


The Focus21 team worked closely with PSHSA executives. Together, they developed a strategy to transform paper-based processes into modern solutions for knowledge transfer and reporting. It was crucial to achieve simplicity and clarity in all new digital tools.

After initial consultation sessions, the Focus21 team moved to a detailed analysis of functionality to ensure the project's development was on the right track. Throughout the design and development stages, various checkpoints ensured the project aligned with PSHSA's initial vision.

The primary goal of the digital transformation was to reduce the workload on its employees, hence the website includes forms and other elements for feedback without the need for calls and in-person meetings.

This applies to both the self-service portal, which was the main project, and the new official company website, the focus of this material. Leaving it with outdated design and functionality was not an option.


The Public Services Health & Safety Association underwent a comprehensive digital transformation. Ultimately, it acquired a functional self-service portal that reduced the workload on company specialists and a well-thought-out informational website that attracts equal attention.

Beyond the main page, the official PSHSA website consists of four sections: Training, Consulting, Hazard & Resources, Company. Each is filled with thematic information about the organization itself and the numerous services it offers to its partners throughout Ontario.

The website is conveniently divided into all necessary sections, and accessing any required information usually requires no more than one or two clicks for company clients.

The website contains a vast number of visual materials that more vividly illustrate the activities of the Public Services Health & Safety Association. It features a search system that enables finding necessary resources, as well as a subscription to the company's newsletter.

The website has a well-thought-out UI/UX. Access to any informational section is possible with just one or two clicks. Additionally, it has an adaptive design and easily adjusts to any device it's used on, including smartphones, which account for more than 55% of internet traffic today.

Special attention should also be given to the feedback form with live chat, which operates during business hours. This feature allows quick contact with PSHSA representatives, leave feedback, obtain additional information, or simply consult.

The website includes a blog and other sections with a huge amount of useful information that the organization's clients can explore independently.

The website is content-rich and easily found through Google and other search engines, thanks in no small part to its effective engine developed by the Focus21 team. The presence of a blog, containing numerous materials for low-frequency queries, also positively impacts SEO.


The key goal in creating the self-service portal for health-related matters and the informational website of the Public Services Health & Safety Association was to reduce the workload on the organization's real-life specialists without decreasing its effectiveness. This was achieved thanks to the collaboration with Focus21.

All basic services of the company began to be accessed independently through digital means by partners. Meanwhile, all additional information, which was previously distributed through traditional methods, became available on the official website with a well-thought-out UI, implemented by experienced UX specialists.

PSHSA employees can independently add information to the website, a task they successfully carry out not only in the news section but also in the blog.

PSHSA workers also gained the ability to independently update information on the website to keep it current, upload reports on the province's situation, inform their clients about relevant services, and provide any fresh data at their discretion.

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