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Case Studies

We provide full-cycle development and design for startups and medium to large businesses

Member Platform

Development of a Platform for Effective Control of the Progress of Government Projects and Their Financial Indicators

AMO empowers Ontario's municipalities to collaborate effectively, optimize resources, and build thriving communities through policy development, cost-saving programs, and training.


Creating a Construction Telehandler Simulator Hardware-Software System to Improve Workplace Safety

Safety First Simulators partnered with Focus21 to develop an innovative telehandler simulator hardware-software system to enhance the training of new equipment operators and mitigate on-site accidents.

Overhaul Legacy

Overhauling Legacy Software for Modern Needs

Focus21 modernized Superior Memorials' outdated software, overcoming technical challenges and lack of documentation. The result: an optimized platform with expanded functionalities and improved user experience, paving the way for future innovations.


Software Ecosystems: A Necessity for Today's Companies Over Individual Applications

Focus21 and NextMed developed TAS Platform, using AI for kidney stone treatment. It includes tools like a decision engine and vision AI for accurate diagnosis. The ecosystem ensures unified access and continuous improvement, showcasing digital healthcare solutions' effectiveness.

API Integration

Streamlining Building Scanning with AutoCAD Plugin Integration and LiDAR Sensors

Focus21 partners with Planit Measuring to upgrade software, streamlining data collection and processing for enhanced productivity. This collaboration introduces innovative solutions like integrating LiDAR sensors into mobile devices, positioning Planit Measuring as a tech leader in its field.

Mobile App

Improving Healthcare Education with the Power of Technologу

Xtract One, developed by XLabh Innovations Inc. in collaboration with Focus21, addresses the healthcare 'Information-Knowledge Gap'. The app provides concise summaries and audio extracts from medical articles, aiding efficient learning for professionals. This innovative solution aims to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes by offering timely access to essential information.

Gen AI

Applying Generative AI for Rapid and Economically Efficient Problem Solving

RoomRenderAI uses generative AI to simplify room renovation visualization. Users answer questions, and the app swiftly generates design options, offering a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.


Holistic Digital Transformation & Website Design

Focus21 revamped PSHSA's training system and website, creating a user-friendly portal and informative site, reducing workload and improving accessibility for partners and clients across Ontario.

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