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Applying Generative AI for Rapid and Economically Efficient Problem Solving

The operation of the mobile app RoomRenderAI, which helps devise an interior design for room renovation, is indeed based on generative AI

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Some people are convinced that generative AI will replace real professionals in many industries, which is why it's being talked about so much today. Indeed, technologies related to it are at the center of attention because their implementation helps with quick and cost-effective problem-solving.

Taking the example of the mobile app RoomRenderAI for iPhone and Android, which Focus21 created for Triforce Construction on a B2B order, we discuss how generative AI helps save time and money. With it, for example, one can create examples of interior room design for renovation without any experience or knowledge in this field.

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To carry out a quality renovation of your home or apartment, it's necessary to think through the design of each individual room inside. For this, people usually turn to a special bureau, which offers several design options to choose from, thinks through the style, and takes care of the convenience.

The design bureau's work is usually divided into 5 stages:
  1. Design - specialists offer several design directions, based on the size of the room, style, and color preferences of the client.
  2. Concept - designers create a visualization of each room based on precise measurements and the design direction approved by the client.
  3. Schematic Floor Plans - specialists develop a floor plan for the room, taking into account the convenience of its further use.
  4. Development and Approval - precise drawings and three-dimensional models of the room are worked out, and a cost estimate for the renovation is prepared.
  5. Construction Drawing and Coordination - contractors are handed the finally approved plans, and designers monitor their implementation.

Generative AI won't help you go through all five stages on your own without the help of professionals, but it will greatly facilitate the first one. Neural networks will help to easily visualize the design of a specific room based on your own color preferences and other nuances, saving time and money.

It was with a request to develop a tool based on the use of generative AI for simple and quick interior visualization that Triforce Construction approached the Focus21 team. Our professionals not only carried out the software development but also thought through the product strategy and conducted user research and testing.


What design should I choose for a specific room? What furniture should I buy for the bedroom or living room? What color should I paint the walls in the children's room? Everyone who plans a home or apartment renovation asks themselves a lot of initial questions, and it's not easy to find the answers independently.

To gather interesting design ideas, previously one had to tediously explore recommendation-based social services like Pinterest, where all sorts of inspiring images posted by users are collected. This is usually where the search for one's style before a renovation begins.

A big problem with such a search was the absence of filters that would help quickly find design examples based on the type of room, specified space area, preferred color set, overall style direction, and many other parameters. So, it took too much time.

So, those who planned a room renovation faced a challenging choice. To decide on the design direction and gather the initial visual materials, they had to either immediately turn to professionals and pay them or spend a lot of time on an independent search.


To address the problem described, the decision was made to create a mobile app, RoomRenderAI, which is based on generative AI. The idea was for it to become a personal designer for anyone who downloads it to their device and offer an endless number of initial visualizations.

At the initial development stage, it was decided that working with the mobile app would begin with a user preference questionnaire. Professionals use something similar before starting work on interior design. It helps determine the client's preferences.

It was decided that DreamStudio's generative AI technologies would be used to create a specific interior visualization. A special request for the neural network is best generated using ChatGPT, where the user's questionnaire data ends up.

Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that the user should also be able to generate several variations of a liked room design. Plus, one session of using the app shouldn't take too much time, so the wait for the result should be minimal.


The app operates on two platforms and is currently available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Three members of the Focus21 team participated in its development, which required four weeks to complete.

The outcome of the Focus21 team's work is a small mobile application, RoomRenderAI, which is available for both iPhone and Android. This extremely simple tool will help quickly assemble an initial set of visualizations for any room's design for subsequent renovation.

Working with the app begins with a questionnaire that collects information about the room and the user's preferences, who wants to carry out a renovation. It will ask questions about the architectural style, clarify the type and area of the room, and inquire about the colors to be used.

After the user answers all the initial questions from RoomRenderAI, the application will prepare and send a request to the generative AI and display four options for the future interior to choose from. You can select any you like and save it in the Gallery, in one of the folders with ideas.

If the user does not like any of the four options, they can use the Regenerate feature to get a new set. Moreover, they also have the opportunity to use the Reimagine feature to generate a new interior option, based on the one they liked the most.


Using RoomRenderAI, Focus21 experts, on behalf of Triforce Construction, delegated the task of creating an initial visualization of a specific room's future renovation to generative AI. No special skills, knowledge, or excessive time is needed to use this simple mobile application.

A user needs to answer a few simple questions and spend no more than 10 minutes of their time to get a whole set of images with a realistic visualization of room renovation in the desired style with furniture and many other interior decor elements.

With these materials at hand, the user can turn to a design bureau to get an accurate cost estimate of the project with all the necessary measurements for the contractor. Moreover, based on the visualization, they can undertake the renovation of a specific room in their house or apartment independently.

In the past, a user who wanted to undertake a renovation needed expensive and complex software, as well as many hours of time, for self-visualization of the renovation works. Thanks to the ideas of Focus21, embodied in RoomRenderAI, everything has become much easier.

“We were unsure whether our project was feasible and the fact that Focus21 could pull it off was exceptional. What an impressive team!” - Greg Curtis, Owner of Triforce Property Management Inc