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The internet opens access to limitless education, but it's very challenging to select useful information from the endless stream of articles by yourself. This is particularly relevant for the healthcare industry, where precision and timeliness are of paramount importance. This problem is called the 'Information-Knowledge Gap'.

Major causes of medical errors are shortcomings in medical education and the absence of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). Dr. Sukhpreet Patel, founder and CEO of XLabh Innovations Inc., has been working on solving this problem for several years. Xtract One is a significant step in this direction.

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Dr. Sukhpreet Patel has over twenty years of experience as a practicing doctor, entrepreneur, researcher, and teacher. She successfully founded and managed two In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centers in Mumbai, India, serving clients from North America, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

She deeply understands the 'Information-Knowledge Gap' problem in the healthcare industry. She particularly realized the current obstacles in education when she earned her MSc in Public Health degree from the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London, UK) in August 2022.

5% - the US population that experiences medical errors

20 - the number in billions of dollars medical errors cost annually

80% - the percentage of doctors who are unable to use medical statistics

A large proportion of the adult US population seeking outpatient care faces diagnostic errors. These errors are the third leading cause of death and cost the economy billions of dollars annually.

Due to the high frequency of research publication, healthcare workers are overloaded with various information, but do not have time to properly understand it and select the main points due to high workloads. Meanwhile, many of them cannot use numerical data in practice due to a poor understanding of statistics in scientific articles.


Dr. Sukhpreet Patel has decided to tackle the 'Information-Knowledge Gap' problem that causes numerous issues in the healthcare industry. To this end, she has come up with tools for quickly studying the most critical new research using short notes that can be listened to on the go.

XLabh Innovations Inc is backed by the Keiretsu Forum. This is the largest and most active network of angel investors on the planet, connecting over 3000 active investors across 53 organization branches in 26 countries worldwide on four continents.

As a key technical partner and investor, XLabh Innovations Inc. has chosen Focus21, which specializes in creating B2B and B2C software solutions for business problems. Ilya Peskov, CEO of Focus21, has become an advisor to XLabh Innovations Inc.

With the full technical support of Focus21, Dr. Sukhpreet Patel has decided to create a mobile application with a continually replenished database of healthcare industry materials that can be read, saved in a special future storage with personal comments, and even listened to.


An important task that Dr. Sukhpreet Patel set for herself was not only to collect the most important current materials from the healthcare industry, but also to create a continuously updated database with short extracts from research divided by specific topics.

The result of joint work with the Focus21 team was to be a mobile application for iOS, iPadOS and Android called Xtract One. It was designed to offer users written annotations from well-known medical journals, created based on generative artificial intelligence.

In each material, there was to be a player for quickly listening to a short note about the next study, as well as a link to the full material if it needed to be studied in more detail. All these features of the future application were worked out together with professionals from the Focus21 team.

The unique platform was meant to help healthcare industry workers acquire new knowledge in short chunks. This will assist in creating an optimal Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), aimed at reducing the number of medical errors, as well as improving patient treatment outcomes.


The result of the work was the mobile application Xtract One, which is already available in the App Store and Google Play. It has already started collecting concise summaries of the latest scientific articles from high-ranking journals for effective learning of busy professionals and medical students.

At the beginning of usage, the application offers to create an account, which can be used to synchronize user information between mobile devices. At the same time, one can immediately select their areas of interest from the healthcare industry from the list.

Structurally, the Xtract One application is divided into three sections. The main one offers the article of the day, extracts from articles recommended for the user, as well as a full list. The second section stores articles that the user has saved for further learning. There are also settings and notes sections.

An extract from an article can be read or listened to. Playback can be sped up or slowed down within the range of 0.5× to 2×. The material can be saved for the future, and a note can be created based on it. For a more detailed study of the topic, one can also follow the link and read the entire article in full.


Medical errors are a significant issue in the healthcare industry, leading to loss of lives and costing countries billions of dollars. The primary culprit is the vast 'Information-Knowledge Gap', the size of which is already being reduced with the help of a thoughtful mobile application. Xtract One is perfect for the busiest professionals who can gain new knowledge on the go, not only by reading but also by listening to extracts from new materials from high-ranking medical journals. It's an excellent way to spend as little time as possible on effective learning. Xtract One helps to solve the problem of finding the most advanced and useful information in the healthcare industry. The use of small-sized fragments, creating notes, and the ability to review allow for the retention of information aimed at improving patient treatment outcomes. The next step in the development of the Xtract One mobile application will be the active use of generative artificial intelligence. It plans to automate the creation of extracts from medical articles, as well as generate voice accompaniment for each learning material.

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