March 26, 2024

60+ Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024: Free and Paid AI Tools

Discover the best ChatGPT alternatives in 2024, offering both free and paid AI tools for chatting, coding, and beyond. Find the optimal AI chatbots to meet your needs.

ChatGPT has emerged as a true breakthrough in recent years, significantly enhancing the efficiency of processes related to text writing, software development, and content creation for numerous companies in the USA, Canada, and globally.

However, it's crucial to recognize that ChatGPT, while possessing clear advantages, also has evident drawbacks. It excels as a versatile tool for a broad array of tasks. Yet, there exist many AI-based solutions with a highly specialized focus that outperform in those specific areas.

We've curated the most extensive list of various tools worth your attention. Some are already integral to our workflow, while others are under consideration. Notably, several options are available entirely free of charge.

Top Overall ChatGPT Alternatives: Primarily AI Chatbots

A vast array of current tools leverage artificial intelligence capabilities, serving as multifunctional alternatives to ChatGPT. Some even utilize its API for enhanced convenience in particular use cases.

Google Gemini (formerly Google Bard): The Most Modern ChatGPT Alternative AI in 2024

As of early 2024, Gemeni stands out as the most advanced chatbot.

Google ventured into generative AI technologies in March 2023 with the launch of the Bard platform. By February 2024, Bard was rebranded to Gemini, unveiling an upgraded AI chatbot version to the public.

There are many advantages that Gemini has over OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Notably, unlike ChatGPT, it has direct access to the wealth of information available through Google search, thus delivering more factually accurate responses, which is increasingly crucial today.

Additionally, Gemini is accessible for free with limited features and offers an extended free trial to explore the full version's benefits across various professional activities.

It's certainly worth trying at least one prompt. Among all ChatGPT competitors, it effectively works like ChatGPT, marking it as an exceptional ChatGPT alternative.

HIX: A Versatile AI Tool for All Occasions

HIX provides a wide array of AI-based tools, including a smart text editor.

The basic version is available for a free trial without the need for a credit card, allowing for a later decision on purchasing a paid plan. This chatbot functions akin to ChatGPT, enabling question-answering and task solutions.

A significant benefit is the ability to use it as a Chrome extension, often simplifying work on nearly any subject without limitations. HIX Chat is capable of processing PDF documents to immediately provide responses.

Furthermore, it can summarize web pages and YouTube videos, significantly facilitating access to and comprehension of web content. These features position HIX.AI as a leading free alternative to ChatGPT.

Chatsonic: A Multifunctional AI Chatbot for Various Tasks

Though Chatsonic offers a free basic version, it cannot be considered an entirely free alternative to ChatGPT.

Regrettably, accessing most of the service's features requires a monthly payment. In return, Chatsonic delivers numerous capabilities of an AI language model.

This service was specifically designed for text generation, excelling in this area (yet, we strongly advise against using AI tools for generating web content).

It accesses up-to-date information from Google, hence providing relatively accurate facts. The service can also write in various tones and even vocalize its responses based on the prompt. With this AI model, image creation is possible.

Features include saving conversation settings, a Chrome extension, and even a mobile app. Furthermore, a large team actively promotes this service, offering extensive support to new users.

Microsoft Bing: All the Capabilities of the Latest GPT in Search

Besides its standard Copilot mode, Bing (a service that's free to use) now offers a wide variety of additional features, including a Vacation Planner for those who enjoy spending their time actively and engagingly.

The Microsoft Bing search engine has seen significant changes, incorporating artificial intelligence to become a contender among chatbots based on the latest ChatGPT version, ranking second only to Google. And yes, it's free (unlike ChatGPT)! It fully understands ChatGPT prompts.

Thanks to collaboration with OpenAI, Microsoft's search system has learned to provide detailed answers to any user questions, similar to ChatGPT. It can do so in three distinct styles: creative, precise, and balanced. Importantly, all these features are available in the completely free version.

Microsoft Bing can perform advanced internet searches using specific keywords and deliver precise results, citing relevant links. This search engine's capabilities aren't limited to its website; they're also accessible via a mobile application. This makes it a good ChatGPT alternative for utilizing ChatGPT prompts.

YouChat: A Discovery in the World of Chatbots for the You Search Engine

YouChat is an AI chatbot integrated into the You search engine, a popular ChatGPT competitor.

Initially, this chatbot didn't attract much attention, but it has increasingly proven itself, leading to growing usage. Its main feature is the diversity of response formats it can provide, as opposed to the standard text most users are accustomed to.

YouChat boasts an advanced language learning model that includes input and output of textual information, application information, and links, unlike the publicly available version of ChatGPT, which can fully process text only.

Claude: An Intelligent AI Chat with Its Own Language Model

If seeking a free alternative to ChatGPT, Claude isn't it. However, the expense of acquiring this tool could be well worth it if you learn to use it effectively.

Claude is available both as a chat and as an API, functioning best as an assistant for quickly and efficiently searching for information and providing text summaries. Claude can be quite creative and convenient, and it's highly intelligent.

Jasper Chat: An Alternative to ChatGPT Plus for Businesses

Jasper, including its chatbot, is designed exclusively for corporate use, hence it's costly and often not useful for individual professionals.

As an AI tool for intellectual content creation based on generative AI, Jasper isn't particularly new. However, Jasper Chat, considered by many as a decent alternative to ChatGPT, is not widely known.

Jasper Chat is primarily designed for business users, concealing all its capabilities behind an expensive subscription plan. While the cost may be justified for some, as Jasper Chat can be a very adept conversational partner, our team has not verified this through personal experience.

Perplexity AI: A Notable Free Alternative to ChatGPT

Perplexity AI can be used absolutely free of charge, offering a user-friendly interface and simple answers to queries.

It can cite sources and pose additional questions in response to the initial inquiry, making it a simple and convenient tool to use.

This chat is an interesting option for discovering something new. With each use, it presents engaging informational prompts that can broaden knowledge about the world around us. For example, someone might wish to learn more about guitars and their necks during breaks from professional activities.

Auto-GPT: An Unconventional Conversational AI Based on Python

Auto-GPT suits those with at least basic programming skills, making it most appropriate for developers as an alternative to ChatGPT.

This chat offers something many others lack: semi-autonomous functionality. Unlike ChatGPT, where the user must supply an initial prompt and all subsequent actions, this chat allows setting a desired goal and performs the rest, providing additional prompts and corresponding responses. A Unique AI Content Generator Tool

Though not a traditional chatbot, possesses many features making it an alternative to ChatGPT for certain functions.

The main purpose of relates to content creation. It's geared towards team use, supporting collaborative work, folders for professional projects, and more. Moreover, it can summarize any text with just a URL.

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Writing

AI tools excel at handling texts in any format. Some assist in swiftly crafting product descriptions for online stores, while others aid in optimizing texts to meet modern search engine requirements.

  • Quillbot (great at paraphrasing even the dullest phrases)
  • (makes writing product descriptions fast, easy, and enjoyable)
  • Wordtune (transforms thoughts into words)
  • (an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, captures slides, and generates summaries)
  • (provides writing superpowers)

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Coding

In practice, AI technology can boost developers' productivity by 20–30%. AI doesn't replace specialists but complements them, with the latter retaining full code responsibility.

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Audio

AI is frequently used today for automatic text-to-speech conversion. The audio tracks produced can be used for voicing videos and numerous other marketing tasks.

  • (a text-to-speech generator)
  • (another text-to-speech generator)

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Music

With AI's help, creating complete and unique audio tracks has become relatively easy. These tracks can serve as backgrounds for YouTube marketing videos where copyrighted music is not permissible.

  • (create the song you need)
  • Bloomy (generate original music for streaming services)
  • Soundful (unique, royalty-free tracks for creators)
  • (customizable, royalty-free music)

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Images

The covers for this and many other blog articles were generated using AI. This allows our content to stand out online and accurately reflect each article's topic.

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Design

AI can generate various graphic design ideas, which professionals can then refine for specific business tasks. This is often used for marketing needs directly related to visuals.

  • Looka (a logo design & brand identity platform)
  • (endless color combinations)
  • AutoDraw (fast drawing for everyone)

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Videos

With AI's help, generating entire videos is now possible. Though still challenging for AI, such content can be used for educational purposes, social networks, and more.

  • (a fast, easy way to make professional-quality videos)
  • Lumen5 (makes it easy for anyone to create engaging video content)
  • (create professional videos in minutes)
  • (automatically create short, sharable videos from long-form content)
  • Poised (a public speaking trainer & communication coach)
  • (create videos with an AI-generated speaking face)
  • (text to video using an AI avatar)

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Research

AI conveniently facilitates a wide variety of research, irrespective of the scientific field. Some tools gather necessary information online, while others create entire articles based on such research.

  • (fast research and summarization)
  • Paperpal (academic writing with subject-specific language suggestions)
  • Consensus (evidence-based answers)
  • (a shortcut to read, write, and create content)
  • (an AI research assistant)

ChatGPT Alternatives for AI Presentations

Modern business processes often involve creating various presentation materials. AI can generate unique templates for specific tasks, actively used in future presentations.

  • Simplified (supercharge content creation)
  • (presentation software for your workspace)
  • Sendsteps (interactive presentation software for writing, design, and storytelling)
  • Slidesgo (Google Slides and PowerPoint templates)

ChatGPT Alternatives for Various AI Tasks

AI tools are useful for a broad range of tasks, including resume creation for job searches, financial operations, and travel. In these areas, AI can significantly assist today.

  • (remove elements from video, audio, and images with advanced eraser capabilities)
  • (software for smarter accounts payable)
  • (resume writing and editing)
  • Enhancv (ATS-friendly resume templates)
  • Kickresume (templates and resume generation)
  • (an AI travel guide app that integrates with Google Maps)

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best ChatGPT Alternative in 2024

Indeed, the range of ChatGPT alternatives is vast. In the dynamic realm of AI writing tools and chat assistants, the distinction between free and paid offerings underscores a diverse ecosystem.

Free alternatives, such as Bing Chat or platforms that offer a free plan, provide users with accessible prompts and AI writing assistance for fundamental needs. However, these often come with certain limitations, prompting users to consider paid versions for access to more advanced features. Notably, services like ChatGPT Plus go beyond the basics, delivering more sophisticated functionalities for those ready to invest.

The 2024 landscape of ChatGPT alternatives is extensive, encompassing both free and paid AI tools that cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, from creative writing to programming languages.

These top chatbots offer a range of functionalities that can prove invaluable to professionals across various business sectors.

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