June 30, 2023

Apple Vision Pro Should Change Key Industries. And Here's How The Device Can Do It

Interesting potential use cases for Apple Vision Pro — Apple's first spatial computer

Apple Vision Pro is not just Apple's revolutionary mixed reality headset, but the company's first spatial computer. At the presentation that kicked off the annual developer conference WWDC 2023 on June 5, 2023, it proudly introduced it as another 'One more thing...'.

Just as the Mac introduced us to personal computing, and iPhone introduced us to mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro introduces us to spatial computing… It unlocks incredible experiences for our users and exciting new opportunities for our developers.” (Tim Cook, CEO of Apple)

The 'heart' of Apple Vision Pro is the powerful Apple M2 chipset, which is also used today in a variety of Mac models. Its power is more than enough to display a clear 3D interface in 4K resolution. It literally surrounds the user from all sides.

The operating system, visionOS, which powers the Apple Vision Pro, creates an endless 3D canvas for a variety of applications: both standard ones from Apple and third-party ones. Developers from around the world have already started work on the apps. On June 21, they received access to the device's SDK.

The 3D interface of visionOS will free software from the boundaries of regular displays and open up another dimension. In the coming years, this will greatly change how everyone interacts with their favorite apps and services. At Focus21, we decided to imagine how this will affect some industries.


Despite its compact wearable form factor, Apple Vision Pro delivers phenomenal performance. The power of the Apple M2 chipset, which the device uses, turns out to be enough to process 23 million pixels located on a pair of stamp-sized displays each.

Together with non-standard catadioptric lenses, which provide incredible sharpness and clarity, Apple Vision Pro guarantees stunning visual impressions from any content. And thanks to ZEISS optical inserts, even those who need vision correction can feel this.

Spatial Audio technology creates spatial sound based on the geometry of the head and ears, Immersive Video offers 180-degree immersive video clips in high resolution, and Apple Arcade already has over 100 exciting games that look absolutely different in Apple Vision Pro.

With Apple Vision Pro, you can be in a cinema with a huge screen 100 feet wide even at home.

Of course, Apple's first spatial computer will be a new twist in the development of modern entertainment. It's no coincidence that at the presentation that opened WWDC 2023, Disney — one of the world's largest content producers — confirmed its intention to make a big bet on Apple Vision Pro.


Apple Vision Pro will potentially be in high demand not only for content consumption, but also for its creation. It's no wonder that Apple equipped its first spatial computer with a special 3D camera, which will help capture what's happening around in a volumetric space.

Most likely, such materials will be viewable not only on Apple Vision Pro, but also on other devices. This will be a big step forward for the marketing of travel agencies, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, and other institutions related to the hospitality industry.


The potential of Apple Vision Pro is difficult to overestimate for the healthcare sector. With Apple's first spatial computer, medical professionals will be able to create 3D visualizations of various physiological processes and conduct related research.

Apple Vision Pro will also assist in studying the nuances inside a specific person's body. For this, new devices will likely be developed that will create projections of various parts of the body in three dimensions, so that doctors can better understand possible problems and prescribe treatment.

It's possible that the use of next-generation devices, like Apple Vision Pro, will help to tackle the problems that have accumulated in the medical field today (including Canada). The device just corresponds to one of the ideas from specialists, which should have a positive impact on the situation:

“Scaling up virtual care and leveraging the promise of artificial intelligence to improve access to care.”


The innovative platform visionOS, on which Apple Vision Pro operates, offers an infinite canvas for any applications, which can be used equally effectively regardless of place and time. This will be particularly convenient for the education sector.

The need for an immediate transformation of the education sector has become apparent in recent years, during the COVID-19 pandemic (including in Canada). From the beginning of March to the end of June 2020, schools in Ontario were urgently closed and switched to distance learning. The situation was then repeated.

The transition to distance learning was challenging due to a multitude of problems, including technical ones - neither students nor teachers were prepared for such an educational process. An important aspect turned out to be the insufficient development of special platforms necessary for this.

  • 0.5% — the national income falls by this amount for each month of education downtime
  • ~1% — the further annual income of the affected students is reduced by this much
  • 1.6 — that's how many trillions of CAD Canada's GDP loses due to problems in education

Apple Vision Pro creates a new category of products, which can become the ideal solution for ubiquitous distance education. The spatial computer has everything necessary for this. And most importantly, a whole three-dimensional virtual world that, if needed, can replace presence in the classroom.


Several years of intensive development, the use of the most modern digital technologies, the expertise of a thoughtful software and hardware ecosystem by the manufacturer… Only thanks to this were the engineers able to create something truly new, the first spatial computer, Apple Vision Pro.

Creating our first spatial computer required invention across nearly every facet of the system. Through a tight integration of hardware and software, we designed a standalone spatial computer in a compact wearable form factor that is the most advanced personal electronics device ever.” (Mike Rockwell, vice president of the Technology Development Group of Apple)

It is quite likely that in the future, the Apple Vision Pro will be used as a tool for creating a wide variety of engineering solutions in various fields. Interacting with a three-dimensional space will make this process far more accessible and efficient.

To use the Apple Vision Pro for engineering activities, thoughtful new software will be needed. However, from the outset, the spatial computer can also be used as a huge screen for a Mac, which already supports the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard.

Real Estate

On the one hand, with the Apple Vision Pro, it will be possible to use applications originally developed for iPhone and iPad. On the other hand, software specifically designed for the spatial computer and taking full advantage of visionOS will be available in the App Store.

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary computer that will provide the opportunity to fully interact with a three-dimensional space. That's why a variety of software for visualizing everything, including real estate objects, will certainly be released for it.

Imagine how much simpler and more efficient agencies dealing with residential and commercial real estate will become. Preliminary viewing of any available options could potentially be carried out as virtual tours, instead of having to travel to specific places.


Apple Vision Pro will also change the manner of remote communication with colleagues and employees. First, a special version of FaceTime will appear on the spatial computer, which will display conversational partners on special tiles right in the middle of the room. Other tools will then be released for visionOS.

The widespread use of such tools will open up endless possibilities for remote team interaction. It will be much more convenient to create something together without being in close proximity to anyone: working on products, marketing, advertising.

The hybrid work schedule, which still assumed meetings in the office, will turn into a 100% remote one. E-commerce teams, for example, will not only work with clients scattered across the country, but also with colleagues who are more often met in virtual space.

“We believe that today any business can be digitized regardless of the industry. Anyone who realizes this faster than others will achieve unprecedented success.” (Ilya Peskov, CEO and Co-Founder of Focus21)

We believe that today any business can be digitized regardless of the industry. Anyone who realizes this faster than others will achieve unprecedented success.” (Ilya Peskov, CEO and Co-Founder of Focus21)

Technologies are developing rapidly, and it is impossible to stop this process. The announcement of Apple Vision Pro is just one example that clearly hints that the future can only be digital. It's important for business owners, regardless of industry, to realize this quickly as well.

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Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko