July 28, 2023

Collision 2023 Bite-size Interviews: Bryskit and Express Delivery

The company makes express delivery as efficient and economically beneficial as possible for businesses

At the Collision 2023 conference, which occurred from June 27 to 29, we gathered not only the most significant tech industry trends but also interacted with representatives from intriguing startups and companies at their stands. One of them was Adel Alabousi, co-founder at Bryskit.

Bryskit specializes in express delivery, typically within 3 hours, making it economically beneficial for businesses. This process was previously considered financially nonsensical, but today it has become possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

To make parcel delivery as efficient as possible, Bryskit, for instance, might first use scooters that swiftly move through dense urban traffic, followed by cars for suburban areas. This approach alone makes the entire process maximally efficient and economically sensible.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the company reduces the cost of express delivery by approximately 49%. This segment of the business has been gaining increased interest. Huge companies like Amazon are trying to deliver as many goods as possible on the same day or even faster.

In 2 years of operation, Bryskit has fulfilled over 33 thousand paid orders, generating about half a million dollars in revenue. Considering the rapid growth of this business sector, efficient companies working in it will develop very quickly, showing fantastic results.

The clear trend of recent times is the ubiquitous implementation of artificial intelligence in various fields. Bryskit is delighted to be part of the revolution happening right now, helping businesses thrive through efficient express delivery.


Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko


Artificial Intelligence

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