Collision 2023 Bite-size Interviews: Datastreamer and Unstructured Data

The company helps modern businesses derive maximum benefit from any unstructured data

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
July 26, 2023

At the Collision 2023 conference, which occurred from June 27 to 29, we gathered not only the most significant tech industry trends but also interacted with representatives from intriguing startups and companies at their stands. One of them Maria Camila Murcia, account executive at Datastreamer.

Datastreamer assists modern companies in deriving maximum benefits from unstructured data. There is often ample information in these data that can be of utmost importance for business, but not everyone knows how to properly extract, process, and use it.

Companies usually take up to six months to establish processes for handling unstructured data from just one source. With Datastreamer's solutions, this process is significantly accelerated. The system itself is highly flexible, offering the capability to work with practically any information.

A clear example of working with unstructured data is the analysis of potential threats to increase the level of cybersecurity. With Datastreamer's tools, companies can do this more efficiently and drastically cut down expenses for solving this complex issue.

Many companies still attempt to create their own tools for working with unstructured data, but this process rarely proves efficient due to a lack of expertise in this area. Therefore, it takes up too much time and becomes a heavy burden on the budget.

Any company that needs to extract the most benefit from unstructured data can turn to specialists for consultation on how to do it most effectively. Datastreamer's tools can structure any information flow.

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