Collision 2023 Bite-size Interviews: Lotwork and Business Hardware

The company specializes in providing hardware for warehouse spaces in logistics and manufacturing companies.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
August 2, 2023

At the Collision 2023 conference, which occurred from June 27 to 29, we gathered not only the most significant tech industry trends but also interacted with representatives from intriguing startups and companies at their stands. One of them was Kanon Yang, manager at Lotwork.

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Lotwork is committed to making the work of warehouse staff, who are employed in logistics and manufacturing companies, safer and more comfortable. To achieve this, they have developed an extremely compact and lightweight barcode scanner designed to replace the larger traditional ones.

Following COVID-19, many new warehouse spaces have emerged in Canada and around the world. These spaces are actively purchasing the necessary equipment for operation. Instead of large, cumbersome, and often unsafe barcode scanners, they can now equip themselves with small and convenient scanners in the form of a finger ring.

The barcode scanner that Lotwork actively showcased at the Collision 2023 conference weighs only 30 grams and doesn't hinder movements. Moreover, its battery life can reach 15 and even 18 hours, which is more than enough even for an extended workday in the warehouse.

Apart from ultra-compact barcode scanners, Lotwork is also involved in the Internet of Things segment in the context of warehouse spaces. With the help of cloud technologies, they give enterprise employees the ability to quickly find any items, the location of which may be unknown in advance.

Kanon noted that many consider artificial intelligence to be the most important trend today. However, at Lotwork, they believe that modern hardware remains a very important direction in technology development for both businesses and users.

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