August 7, 2023

Collision 2023 Bite Size Interviews: WaiveTheWait and Medical Automation

The company is engaged in automating routine medical processes using artificial intelligence

At the Collision 2023 conference, which occurred from June 27 to 29, we gathered not only the most significant tech industry trends but also interacted with representatives from intriguing startups and companies at their stands. One of them was Shreyansh Anand, co-founder and CEO at WaiveTheWait.

WaiveTheWait is a company that focuses on automating routine administrative processes in healthcare organizations using artificial intelligence. Shreyansh, the founder, believes that this is the best way AI can effectively aid the healthcare industry today.

With an increasing number of innovations emerging in the field of healthcare, companies like WaiveTheWait have an opportunity to create tools that will eventually become part of a broader ecosystem. Moreover, more and more healthcare professionals are taking a keen interest in new technologies.

Thanks to the technologies that WaiveTheWait is developing, healthcare staff at clinics and other organizations are able to spend more time caring for their patients. This is made possible by automating many traditional processes, which were previously overlooked.

For example, WaiveTheWait can help automate the processing of faxes, saving one minute per fax. On average, a clinic receives up to 200 faxes a day. Thus, modern software can save over three hours a day, which can be used more effectively.

Shreyansh emphasizes that the most significant current trend is the integration of artificial intelligence into various fields. He finds it particularly interesting to see how generative AI is changing the healthcare sector. He is very pleased that WaiveTheWait is part of this process.


Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko


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