Cybersecurity for Remote Employees: Essential Measures for Safeguarding Company Confidential Data

In this article, we discuss the strategies and approaches that companies involved in the development of digital products are currently adopting while creating new software and navigating the digital transformation of business.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
October 27, 2023

COVID-19 compelled most companies to switch to a remote work model and adapt their professional practices to this new reality. Furthermore, many businesses have evaluated this mode of operation and have chosen not to return to the traditional way even after emerging from the acute phase of the pandemic.

However, with this widespread shift, there has been a significant increase in cyber threats looming over businesses. This has particularly impacted the process of sharing confidential information, such as financial reports, internal business documentation, and client data.

The responsibility of cybersecurity often falls on companies that are engaged in the development of software products during the digital transformation of business and their subsequent support. Clients of Focus21 entrust us with their information and receive digital tools that adhere to modern security standards.

Data Encryption. With remote work, it's crucial to share any confidential data in encrypted form. Modern protocols are employed for this purpose, ensuring that competitors and malicious actors cannot intercept the information.

Two-Factor Authentication. To access confidential data, a profile system is implemented. Each employee can only log in using an additional verification method, typically an SMS or an email containing a special code.

Employee Training. Of course, it's crucial for employees to understand how to properly use the software and exchange data securely, how to recognize phishing attacks, and create complex passwords. Typically, explanatory webinars are conducted for this purpose.

Rigorous Testing. Before a digital product reaches the client, it undergoes multiple stages of testing, which are essential to ensure that all necessary security requirements are met. Learn more about this in our article dedicated to quality assurance, available here.

Custom Solutions. During software development, we thoroughly analyze the unique characteristics of each business and employ tools most suited to meet its needs. Learn about how we develop software products in the Case Studies section of our site here.

In summary, the remote work of your employees shouldn't be a barrier to ensuring the highest standards of security for exchanging any information without exception. The key is to trust the creation of digital tools used in the work to true professionals. We definitely understand why the issue of cybersecurity is paramount.

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