December 8, 2023

Here's Why Your Company Urgently Needs a Modern Mobile App

This article explains how a modern mobile app can help any business in attracting more customers and interacting with them more effectively, while also reducing expenses.

As practice shows, about 90% of companies, regardless of the industry they operate in, enhance the efficiency of their activities and take their interaction with regular and potential customers to a fundamentally new level with their own mobile applications.

That's why today we are offering every company a new Mobile App Essentials Package, which can be either the main project for software development or a successful addition to it, along with the redesign of the business website and other nuances of digital transformation.

Having your own mobile app can be an additional tool for attracting new customers to the main business or an entirely new line of business. It helps to establish communication with regular or potential customers and demonstrate your professionalism.

Tailored Solutions. To understand what exactly a mobile application should be for a particular company, it is important to thoroughly work out the specifics of its professional activities, determine its development vector, identify pain points, and devise a clear marketing movement plan.

User-Centric Design. A mobile application must be focused on the convenience of every customer without exception. If a customer encounters any problems, they will immediately close the app and delete it from their mobile device. This must be taken into account.

Collaborative Approach. Of course, company owners often understand the needs of their regular and potential customers better than anyone. Therefore, the basic idea of the mobile app, as well as its finer details, are worked out together with them.

Competitive Edge in the Market. A mobile application provides an opportunity to stand out in the market—it inevitably becomes an important competitive advantage for any company regardless of the industry in which it conducts its professional activities.

Scalability for Growth. A mobile app can help accelerate business growth and create a platform for its future scalability. It can act as a successful addition to the main business, as well as a separate direction for the company's activities.

Cost-Effective Customization. The development of a mobile application should be effective in all respects, including the financial aspect. That's why initially, the basic functionality is implemented, which is then expanded based on user feedback.

Focus21 has been developing a variety of software products for companies, including mobile applications, for many years. We understand all aspects of the needs of any business, regardless of the industry, which is why we have created a new product, the Mobile App Essentials Package.

Get an App in your hands within 1-2 months!


Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko