February 8, 2024

How 5G Affects Mobile App Development and User Experience

This article explores the changes in the mobile app industry that are made possible solely due to the systematic spread of 5G networks and devices supporting the latest generation data transmission.

In the era of digital transformation, 5G networks and devices capable of transmitting data at maximum speeds are becoming a key factor in the development of mobile technologies as a whole, and portable device applications in particular, opening new horizons for user experience.

The transition to 5G is not just an evolutionary improvement in the quality of services provided by mobile operators. It is a leap in quality and capabilities, redefining approaches to the development and use of mobile applications, increasingly emphasized by businesses during digital transformation.

Fast Data Loading and Processing. 5G promises a significant acceleration in data transmission, changing the approach to providing access to any multimedia content regardless of its type. This is particularly true for high-resolution video, which loads very quickly with 5G.

Studying YouTube reports reveals that user satisfaction increases during high-resolution video viewing. This indicates that corporate mobile applications can now utilize high-quality videos and complex and substantial content of other types.

Enhanced Application Functionality. Thanks to high bandwidth and low latency, mobile applications can include more complex features. This particularly pertains to augmented and virtual reality tools, which are becoming increasingly in demand.

Retail businesses actively use augmented reality to allow customers to try on purchases on themselves or in their homes directly through a mobile application. For instance, IKEA, a globally recognized leader in furniture sales, has been doing this for years.

New Standards in Application Development. Increased data transfer speeds require adherence to new performance standards. Therefore, developers face the challenge of a deeper understanding of new technologies and integrating more complex functional content into applications.

Both Apple and Google are actively supplementing their developer portals with new guidelines related to 5G. Moreover, they are systematically implementing new technologies that help create mobile applications for iOS and Android, leveraging all the advantages of new hardware.

JPMorgan Chase and other financial institutions are investing significant funds in security against the backdrop of 5G proliferation, Spotify and Amazon see it as a basis for improving personalized recommendations, and Epic Games builds even more engaging gaming sessions based on the technology.

5G technology plays a very important role in shaping the future. It is crucial for businesses to recognize the potential of this and other innovations to adapt to new market requirements and stay at the forefront within their ongoing digital transformation.

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Nick Gric