November 3, 2023

How US and Canadian Dental Practices Can Use Mobile Apps: 5 Fascinating Examples

In this article, we discuss the intriguing potential of mobile apps that can assist dental practices in North America in attracting new clients and more effectively engaging with their current clientele.

The more creatively a business presents itself online, the more appealing it appears to potential users. Today, this is a primary focus – it's crucial for a company to be accessible on a smartphone screen and to interact frequently via mobile devices.

This is true for all businesses, including dental clinics in North America. The US and Canada have advanced internet technologies, so a simple dental appointment booking via a mobile app no longer surprises anyone. When developing such solutions, it's essential to think ahead.

Mobile apps can be a valuable tool for dental practices. They can provide patients with a higher level of service and also streamline internal workflows. We've gathered a few ideas to consider when planning such a development.

1. Helping to Find the Perfect Dentist

Find → Book → Visit | Source: Opencare

The primary objective of a dental mobile app should be to attract new clients. For instance, it could help users find the perfect dentist across various clinics within a network – one that aligns perfectly with a particular patient's needs without any compromises.

Such mobile apps often provide additional information about a specific doctor, including their education, specialty, as well as reviews from other patients. All this information should aid clients in making an informed choice and feel more confident during their visit.

In the future, patients might also be able to communicate directly with their chosen dentist through the personal account of the mobile app. They can clarify details about dental care they forgot to ask during the visit or inquire about the feasibility of desired procedures.

If you're considering developing a mobile app for your dental practice, take a look at the successful case of the Opencare service. It has become a vast platform for finding the right dentist with extensive features that attract potential clients and resonate well with them.

2. Simplify Dental Appointments

In today's era, where technology plays a pivotal role in everyone's daily life, the ability to book a dental appointment via a mobile app becomes not just a convenience but an essential part of patient service. Such a service allows practices to get closer to their patients.

The main advantage of this booking method is time-saving. Patients don't need to call dental clinics and wait for an admin's response. They can simply open the mobile app, choose a specialist, view their available slots, and book a suitable time.

For patients, this reduces the likelihood of errors and misunderstandings that might arise during phone bookings. For the clinics, integrating such a booking system means streamlining work processes and improving the efficiency of managing the specialists' schedules.

3. Assist in Tracking Visit History

Thanks to the dental clinic's mobile app, the treatment process becomes fully transparent for the patient, increasing their loyalty | Source: Opencare

When developing a mobile app for a dental clinic, a personal account with access to medical history is usually included. With its help, patients can view their visit dates, diagnoses, doctor recommendations, treatment plans, and better understand their current health status.

Furthermore, with the visit history, patients can also review the breakdown of services rendered and the cost of each individual procedure. Such transparency enhances client loyalty, leading them to revisit the same dental clinic time and again.

Through the mobile app, patients can also leave reviews about their visits, share their experiences, and provide feedback to the clinic. This helps medical establishments improve the quality of their services, offer top-notch care, and swiftly adapt to emerging needs.

It's also essential to note that a critical feature in organizing a personal account is adhering to the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations in the US and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) in Canada, which govern the privacy of medical information.

4. Reminders for Upcoming Visits

An essential feature of a mobile app can be reminders for upcoming procedures, medication intake, and regular check-ups. On iPhones and Android smartphones, this is achieved through automatic push notifications, which can arrive on the device either in advance or at the exact moment of the required activity.

Reminders have become a crucial component of many mobile apps, and dentistry is no exception. They help reduce the number of missed appointments, which today frequently occur either due to a busy schedule or simple inattentiveness.

Push notifications with reminders assist in optimizing the clinic's operations, reducing the number of unoccupied time slots, enhancing work efficiency, and boosting profitability. It's an excellent way to foster closer and more productive interaction between doctors and patients.

5. Implement Virtual Consultations

Thanks to mobile applications, dental clinics enhance their work efficiency, flexibly manage specialist workload, and ultimately boost profits | Source: Opencare

In the era of digital transformation in the healthcare industry, virtual consultations are becoming increasingly popular, and dental clinics are not left behind in this trend. Mobile apps provide the opportunity to discuss concerns with a specialist without physically visiting the clinic.

One of the main advantages of virtual consultations is time-saving. Patients don't need to travel anywhere or wait in line. Instead, they can simply activate the camera on their mobile device and discuss all their queries with their doctor.

Dentists, in turn, can preliminarily assess the patient's condition, determine the need for immediate intervention, and provide recommendations before an in-person visit. This also helps clinics better plan their schedule and use their working hours as efficiently as possible.

In summary, mobile applications developed for dental clinics are equally beneficial for businesses and their clients. As part of a company's digital transformation, they should not only be possible but essential to create. We've only provided a few examples of their typical uses.

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