August 8, 2023

Increasing the Company's Website Traffic: Effective Strategies

A critical phase in the digital transformation of any company is increasing its website traffic through SEO, SEM, and SMM.

An obligatory step in a company's digital transformation is not only the creation of a website but also boosting its visitor traffic. For efficient sales of goods and services, as well as informing about anything, as many genuine visitors as possible should visit the company's website.

Achieving high traffic for a newly created website is not that simple. There are over a billion pages on the Internet today, with more than half a million new ones appearing each day. Moreover, according to an Ahrefs study, more than 90% of posted materials do not get organic traffic.

The competition online is continually heating up, so working on increasing your website traffic should start right now. If you do not strengthen your positions on Google and other search engines, as well as not utilizing other traffic attraction tools, your competitors will quickly overtake you.

You can use both free and paid mechanisms to promote your website online. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing (SMM), it is also important to take care of initial site optimization.

Technical Site Optimization for SEO

Today, over 58% of traffic comes from mobile devices | Source: Statista

To attract traffic from the Internet to your site as effectively as possible, it's crucial to start by optimizing it technically. No matter how significant, interesting, and useful the information on it might be, search engines won't suggest it to visitors if the site has technical issues.

The best place to start is by improving the load speed. Users today are not ready to wait for a long time and might close a site that loads slowly at any moment. This is especially relevant when using mobile devices. Search engines will immediately register this behavior and downgrade its ranking.

It's also important to focus on responsive design. The site should display correctly on all devices. This is especially critical for mobile devices. According to Statista data, today (as of August 2023), nearly 60% of Internet traffic is on smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices.

Refining Your Content for SEO

Google Search Console can be used to analyze the effectiveness of pages on your site | Source: Google

After the technical refinement of the site, it's necessary to work on the content that is already posted on it. This is especially true for the main page, which is best to start with. To begin with, you can analyze it using Google Search Console to understand which keywords it is accessed by.

The efficiency analysis implies choosing keywords and phrases that have the highest potential in terms of attracting new visitors. Once the list is compiled, you need to revise the text on the page in such a way that it begins to attract the maximum number of visitors.

In the same way, all other materials on the site that still remain relevant should be revised. It's important to remember that users like to read detailed materials written in simple language. Google and other search engines pay attention to and more often suggest such materials.

Removing Redundant Content for SEO

Copyscape analyzes the company's website pages and helps to eliminate plagiarism | Source: Copyscape

During the search engine optimization of your company's website, it's important to understand that not all pages will likely remain. Those with outdated or useless information should be immediately removed to avoid misleading users.

It's also worth checking the uniqueness of the text on the remaining pages. If it has been simply copied from some sources without changes, it must be revised or removed. Google and other search engines significantly lower the rankings of sites that host plagiarized content.

The uniqueness of information on your site pages can be checked using Copyscape. This service displays matches on the Internet to correct them or get rid of plagiarism. It's better to have less content on the company's website, but it should be unique, engaging, and professionally written.

Creating New Content for SEO

With Surfer and other services, you can analyze your site and create a content strategy for its promotion | Surfer

Creating new content for the company's website seems the most obvious option to attract as many users as possible. However, in reality, many do not know exactly what and how to write so that the material is interesting, useful, and can secure high positions on Google and beyond.

This can be aided by Surfer and other specialized services that analyze keywords needed for promotion based on a specific query and help create truly high-quality materials on various topics regardless of the industry in which the company operates.

It's important to understand that promoting your site is crucial not only for the most popular queries but also for less popular ones. This is especially important for a new website with a still low ranking, thereby giving it more chances to attract new users on Google and other search engines.

Using Links for SEO

Search bot rankings, only some of which belong to SEO tools | Source: Cloudflare

Links can be internal and external. The former are located within site materials and lead to others. It's important to use them not only for user convenience but also for search engines. Moreover, internal links allow to keep someone on the site longer, which is also good for SEO.

External links to the company's website are placed on other sites. This not only attracts additional traffic directly from there but also improves your ranking for Google and other search engines. Ahrefs, as well as other promotion services or SEO specialists, can help conduct the analysis.

External links to your site can be placed in your interesting articles on major platforms, in informational publications, in personal and corporate blogs. Meanwhile, these links should look as organic as possible, lead to interesting information, and benefit the user.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Special search engine tools, such as Google Ads, are used for setting up SEM | Source: Google

To increase the level of traffic to your company's website, you can also use paid promotion mechanisms. A good option would be search engine marketing, which allows you to place links to your site in the results of Google and other search engines.

When using SEM, links to the company's website in search results will be placed above all others. This will allow attracting even more users who should see specific information, become interested in the most in-demand goods or products of the company.

For initial SEM setup and changing the promotion parameters of the company's website, tools like Google Ads and other search engine tools are used. They typically offer various placement options in different types of search results. These could also be images, videos, purchases, and more.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Depending on the company's activities, its potential users can be found in different social networks

You can find communities on any topic in popular social networks. Many of them allow members to post content, among which can be useful materials on the company's website, which can be organically shared with interested users to increase your traffic.

Moreover, it's important to understand that the company should also place links to materials that appear on its site, on its pages in social networks. These could be LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, which vary in terms of user interests and age.

Social networks also use mechanisms for paid promotion of specific links and publications, which will help attract even more users to the company's website. This is also a good mechanism for finding new clients, which in total may be much more than described in this article.

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