Our Thoughts on iPhone 15 Pro & Its Impact on Digital Business Transformation

In this insight article, we share our views on the new iPhone 15 Pro, which has become Apple's first truly professional smartphone, and also discuss the significance of the release of such a device for the process of digital business transformation.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
October 10, 2023

On September 12, 2023, Apple held another annual presentation of its new devices, with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max being the main attractions. We believe these are the company's first truly professional smartphones.

In addition to other, less significant innovations, they have been equipped with Type-C ports that support high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2 data transfer (up to 10Gbps, 20 times faster than their predecessors), as well as connectivity to SSDs and other external storage devices.

The external storage, along with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), can be used, among other things, to record video in lossless quality (using the ProRes format). These observations underscore the real professional orientation of the device.

By releasing such a device, Apple confirms that the world has definitively stepped into the era of multifunctional mobile devices. We believe this is an important occasion to evaluate the process of digital transformation of one’s business and to reassess priorities.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can record videos with minimal compression directly to external storage devices, just like high-end professional cameras.

It is crucial to understand that mobile devices, like the iPhone, will be at the center of attention in the future, which has already arrived. And in this context, we are not just talking about adapting websites for them or releasing mobile apps.

Professional mobile devices like the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) should be entrusted with important professional responsibilities. Even today, this can relate not only to creating photo and video content for social networks and other company platforms.

With mobile devices, it is possible to scan spaces for creating their three-dimensional projections (read more in the Planit Measuring case study), receive and study reports on food quality on industrial conveyors, and calculate the cost of construction work directly on site.

We've seen glimpses of these techniques before, no doubt. However, with the game-changing iPhone 15 Pro (Max) now in the spotlight, we at Focus21 firmly believe that in the midst of your business's digital transformation, these are the aspects that truly deserve our utmost focus.

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