September 7, 2023

Standardization in Modern Technology: The Anticipation of iPhone 15 as a Case Study

The most anticipated feature of the new Apple smartphone turned out to be the standard USB-C synchronization and charging slot, which is expected to replace Lightning.

An Apple event is scheduled for September 12, 2023. This insight emerged two weeks before the event. Using the expectations of the iPhone 15 as an example, it highlights users' inclination towards standardization in modern technology, which is crucial to consider during digital business transformation.

Rumours about the features of new Apple smartphone models typically emerge several months before their unveiling. Insiders begin to share with the world the features that will be introduced in various models from the upcoming lineup. This information is widely discussed on various websites on the internet.

The most anticipated feature of the iPhone 15 was the replacement of the charging and synchronization interface. Instead of the traditional Lightning, used since 2012, mainstream users, as well as tech journalists and technology enthusiasts, wanted to see the highly versatile USB-C.

Two weeks before the event, most tech publications are sharing information about the iPhone 15, with a particular emphasis on the standardized and universal USB-C interface. Innovative next-generation cameras, jumps in performance, and autonomy aren't as primary concerns for the masses.

News from various publications regarding the presentation of the iPhone 15 lineup on September 12, 2023, two weeks before the event: most emphasize the standardized USB-C interface.

The trend towards standardization in the tech industry is becoming increasingly evident. Therefore, it's essential to consider it during any activities related to digital transformation of one's business. When creating a software ecosystem, for example, what the Focus21 team did for the NextMed company, it's crucial for all of them to provide a standardized user experience.

The clear trend towards universal standardization in software and hardware suggests that it's often better to offer customers a familiar, universal user experience for apps and other tech products. Of course, creating a proprietary Lightning sometimes is a good idea. But more often than not, it's better to rely on the tried-and-true USB-C.

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