The Digital Transformation of Healthcare Planning in North America

In this article, we present compelling examples of successful digital transformation of companies operating in healthcare, as well as businesses that emerged solely as a result of the digital transformation of the entire industry.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
November 6, 2023

The healthcare sector in North America has traditionally been at the forefront of innovation for the past several decades. Despite its evident workload, it stands out for its true efficiency, thanks to experienced professionals and their ability to utilize the latest digital technologies.

However, there are challenges in healthcare that continue to hinder its peak performance. One of them is the reliance on paper-based planning. Let's explore how various companies have successfully transformed this outdated approach using digital tools.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Instead of storing stacks of paper with medical information about patients, many clinics are adopting EMR systems. For instance, the American hospital Mayo Clinic has successfully implemented such a system, reducing the time taken to access patient history and minimizing errors.

Zocdoc's system offers an extremely simple and fast way to find a nearby doctor.

Mobile Apps for Appointment Scheduling. The company Zocdoc, which provides an online booking service for local doctors who accept insurance, clearly shows that paper records are unnecessary. Moreover, the app's database also synchronizes with each specialist's work schedule.

Digital Tools for Workforce Scheduling. Planning staff schedules without reliable digital tools can be quite challenging. That's why modern software, such as Cerner or Epic, is used, both of which automate this process.

Implementing digital planning becomes even more effective through inter-system collaboration. For example, a combined tool for doctor appointments and prescription medication dispensing at pharmacies could elevate the efficiency of the healthcare industry to an even higher level, unreachable otherwise.

Digital planning in the healthcare sector is not just about convenience but also an opportunity for clinics to enhance patient care quality, reduce errors, and increase work efficiency. Considering all the examples provided above, it's safe to say that the future of healthcare lies in digitization.

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