November 1, 2023

Why Are Cookies Necessary and Why Do Websites Constantly Request Permission for Their Use

In this insight article, we use simple language to explain the purpose of the very technology behind cookies, for which various websites constantly seek your permission online.

Upon first visiting many websites, a request for permission to use cookies appears on your computer or smartphone screen. Many confirm or decline it without even pondering what it truly is. This is precisely why we decided to explain this technology in layman's terms.

Imagine a sticker with a sequential number that store employees in any shopping mall affix to your back. Now, based on this number, they can track your activity: for instance, noting which products intrigue you to remind you of them the next time. Online, this is accomplished with cookies.

Why are cookies essential? Thanks to this technology, many websites can record specific data about their users, which is later utilized to enhance the user experience. For instance, if you select a language on a multilingual website, the next time the page will load in that chosen language.

Have you noticed how many websites ask for permission to use cookies?

Of course, cookies serve websites' private interests as well. They help gather data for subsequent analysis. This may include information about the number of users who visited a particular page, the popularity of specific sections – all of which aids in refining content and functionality.

Moreover, cookies can be employed for advertising purposes. For example, if you view products online but don't purchase them, later on, you might be shown relevant promotional offers.

Why do websites seek consent to use cookies? Recently, safeguarding personal data has become a paramount concern for most users. Therefore, the unauthorized use of someone's information can lead to significant repercussions.

Moreover, it's essential to understand that many countries have enacted specific laws mandating websites to inform visitors about the precise data they collect about their users, mainly using cookies, and the purposes for which this information might be used subsequently.

So, when a website requests your permission to use cookies, it's not merely a formality but an actual means of informing you about the specific information it might gather about you and the purposes for which it's intended. You can either consent or decline.

Should one be concerned about cookie security? In the vast majority of cases, this technology poses absolutely no risk to the user. However, there are tracking cookies that might collect extensive data about your online behaviour, which you might not appreciate.

If you feel that certain websites overtly monitor your actions, infringing on your privacy beliefs, you can employ specific browser settings that help shield you from this. Most of these, for instance, can block tracking cookies.

In general, cookies are a technology that makes the internet more user-friendly. Of course, there are occasional privacy concerns, but popular websites won't risk their reputation, so they avoid collecting questionable data about their users.

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