November 30, 2023

5 Interactive Elements to Add to a Company Website to Increase Engagement

This article explains the necessity of adding various interactive elements to a company's official website, which can increase not only the engagement of existing and potential clients but also positively impact conversion rates.

The official website of a company serves as its face on the internet. It's where potential clients begin to familiarize themselves with the activities of a specific business and explore the services it offers. The content of the website significantly influences whether a potential client ultimately becomes an actual one.

The transformation of a potential client into an actual one is often defined by the concept of conversion. The higher the engagement of a specific user who visits the company's official website, the higher the conversion. Therefore, it is crucial to enhance this metric by all possible means.

The most effective method to increase engagement is usually by adding various interactive elements to the company's official website. In this article, we have collected only a few interesting examples that do not require too much time and resources to implement.

By the way, in this case study linked here, dedicated to working with PSHSA, we discussed why creating an official website for a business is an important element of modern digital transformation. This has been a common request to Focus21 over the past years.

Customer Feedback Form

One of the simplest interactive elements for any company's official website is a feedback form for communication. It allows potential and actual clients to leave any message for the business.

These messages can include reviews of the company's work, important queries to its management, requests for any services without exception, and so on. All of this can be conveyed to the business without voice calls and the traditionally long waiting times on the line.

A feedback form not only increases the conversion of potential clients but also boosts the loyalty of existing ones. The key is that it should be simple, informative, and unobtrusive. Often, it serves as a crucial call to action element on the main or other pages of the website.

Approximate Service Cost Calculator

If a company offers more or less standardized services, creating a calculator for the approximate cost is a very good idea. It allows potential clients to familiarize themselves with the business's offerings and the cost of each individual element.

On one hand, an approximate cost calculator is very useful from an informational standpoint. On the other hand, it also helps to reduce the number of calls from users who are not willing to pay the fair price set by your business.

Such informational tools are extremely beneficial for increasing conversions and attracting higher-quality users. Read about other elements that are a must-have on a modern official company website in this article on our blog.

Chatbot for Client Information

To enable potential and regular clients to independently obtain additional information about the company's services without repeatedly distracting support staff, special chatbots connected to a necessary data database are often added to official websites.

Such interactive elements usually employ artificial intelligence elements, which automatically recognize user queries and provide the most relevant options immediately or ask the user a few additional leading questions.

If a potential user is not satisfied with automated responses, they usually can connect with a company specialist in real-time or leave a feedback message with all their queries, which a real employee can respond to in their free time.

Diverse Gamification Elements

Gamification is another effective direction that can significantly increase user engagement and enhance their interest in a product or service. One of the effective tools within its scope can be a system of rewards and points awarded for certain achievements.

Users can receive rewards for registration, leaving reviews, participating in surveys, or viewing specific pages, among other targeted actions. These points, in turn, can be exchanged for discounts, exclusive offers, or any other useful items.

All this encourages potential clients to return to the site and use it again and again. However, it's important to understand that such an approach is advisable only if the target audience of the business is suitable. It's challenging to recommend it for highly traditional industries.

Virtual Tours or Three-Dimensional Models

Separate attention also deserves any three-dimensional visualization, which usually is best suited for businesses related to real estate, construction & renovation industries. This way, it's easier to show the company's work results, demonstrate its services, and so on.

This type of content is equally convenient to use both on a smartphone or computer and through special virtual reality glasses. It usually creates an additional wow effect and shows users the technical sophistication of the business, keeping up with the times.

In general, the variety of interactive elements that can be added to a company's official website is extremely diverse and depends only on the specific tasks set by the business. The only thing left is to determine which ones will be relevant for yours.

Don't let a bad website be what's holding your business back!


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