5 Unique Mobile App Ideas for Development in the Healthcare Industry

In this article, we discuss how companies in the healthcare industry can attract new users and enhance the loyalty of their existing clients.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
November 14, 2023

Companies across various industries frequently commission the development of unique mobile applications to draw the attention of new users and to increase the loyalty of their existing customer base. This trend has become increasingly apparent in recent years.

For instance, this year, the construction company Triforce Construction commissioned us to develop the RoomRenderAI app for iPhone and Android (read more about the process of its creation in our case study). With the help of AI, it allows anyone to create a visualization of their dream design for any interior space.

Healthcare companies, such as dental clinics or ophthalmology centers, are increasingly trying to equip themselves with their own mobile applications featuring unusual functionality. We've gathered several interesting ideas that could be particularly appealing to them.

Interactive applications for user education. Dental clinics might commission the development of a mobile application for children and adults that teaches proper oral hygiene. It could be designed in your brand's style, generating additional interest.

Mobile applications with educational features. Ophthalmology centers can use a mobile application to promote interesting materials with exercises that help relieve eye strain and serve as a preventive measure against age-related vision decline. Needless to say, such a tool would greatly attract attention to the company.

Aggregator apps with useful news and articles. The most interesting textual and news content can be selected either manually or with the aid of artificial intelligence. There's nothing to prevent the inclusion of overt or subtle advertising for your organization within such apps.

Mobile applications with analysis of users' DNA data. Data can be imported into your tool from 23andMe or other popular DNA analysis services. With the use of AI, a mobile application could display propensities for certain diseases relevant to the clinic's activities, as well as offer recommendations.

Receiving preliminary diagnoses via photos. For this, the mobile application could utilize either neural networks or brief responses from specialists who would provide recommendations. Ultimately, this will inevitably lead users of such a tool to seek out the clinic.

When developing such mobile applications, it is very important to adhere to the norms for handling users' confidential data, which in the USA and Canada are regulated by HIPAA and PIPEDA protocols (read more about them on our website in this article).

All these mobile applications will help companies engage a new middle-aged audience that is already considering their health but does not yet want to undergo regular diagnostic appointments at clinics. Such digital tools will also inevitably increase the loyalty of existing customers.

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