August 21, 2023

Beyond the Basics: The Best Tools for Modern Mobile Development

Developing one or more mobile apps for various platforms often becomes a critical phase in the digital transformation of a business

Today, there are countless opportunities for digital transformation for any business without any limitations or exclusions. The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things lay a new foundation for designing diverse mobile apps for multiple devices and platforms.

Moreover, the revolutionary evolution of technology is changing the way users interact with their mobile devices. As we journey through the digital age, new tools emerge that offer the potential to astonish and inspire users, and in some instances, even transform their lives.

Against the backdrop of the rapid technological advancement of generative AI, Triforce Construction approached Focus21 to create a mobile application for iOS and Android for visualizing future renovations in their apartment or private home. The outcome of this B2B collaboration was the project RoomRenderAI.

To stay a step ahead, it's essential not just to adopt trending technologies like generative AI but also to utilize reliable programming tools. In this article, we decided to focus on some that are specifically used for mobile development for iPhone and Android smartphones.


Flutter is considered one of the most popular tools for cross-platform mobile development | Source: Honeypot

Flutter is an open-source UI development toolkit created by Google. It has gained significant popularity among mobile app developers due to its versatility and cross-platform capabilities. Apart from RoomRenderAI, we also used it for Xtract One.

With Flutter, visually captivating mobile applications for iPhones and Android OS smartphones can be created. Moreover, the same tool can be utilized to develop web applications and even native software for computers.

A key advantage of Flutter, besides having a unified codebase, is its rich selection of ready-to-use widgets and layouts, ensuring a native software experience on almost any platform. It provides seamless access to device APIs and facilitates faster development and debugging processes.

React Native

React Native is fundamentally based on React, hence it uses many similar logical elements | Source: Dev Community

A highly popular UI framework designed for mobile application creation, developed by Meta (formerly Facebook). It combines the capabilities of the JavaScript programming language, which has been extensively used in web development, with the native functionalities of mobile devices.

React Native allows for the development of cross-platform mobile applications for iPhones and Android smartphones using a single codebase. It provides a component-based architecture with a plethora of ready-made solutions for user interfaces, significantly speeding up software development.

A distinguishing feature of React Native is its highly efficient code reuse implementation, enabling substantial time-saving during the development of applications for both iOS and Android, without negatively impacting the software's performance.


With Swift, you can write applications exclusively for Apple devices | Source: Apple Developer

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple. As expected, it's tailored for creating apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices in the Apple ecosystem. During development, it allows for writing extremely clean, highly efficient, and easily maintainable code.

Swift ensures seamless integration with frameworks and APIs used in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and other Apple operating systems. It provides straightforward access to the unique hardware features of Apple devices in app development.

Swift can only be used in Xcode, which can be installed exclusively on a Mac. Moreover, it lacks the cross-platform feature for easy porting to Android. However, this is compensated by the utmost reliability of its code and the minimal risk of committing any errors.


Beyond mobile apps, Xamarin can also be used to create software for Windows | Source: Microsoft

Xamarin is a dependable open-source framework developed by Microsoft. It leverages the capabilities of the C# language and allows development not just for iOS and Android but also for Windows. Most of the code needs to be written just once for all platforms simultaneously.

Xamarin provides access to a broad set of libraries and API interfaces, enabling the utilization of most hardware capabilities of devices. It's a popular tool for development, often chosen for cross-platform solutions for iPhones and Android smartphones.


Kotlin is excellent for integration with existing Java codebases | Source: Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern high-level programming language that integrates seamlessly with Java. Due to its simplicity, conciseness, and advanced security features, it is widely used for developing software for devices running the Android operating system.

Kotlin easily integrates with existing Java codebases, making it simple to utilize existing libraries and frameworks during Android development. This programming language enhances development efficiency and ensures code reliability.


NativeScript is essentially an Angular derivative tailored for mobile devices | Source: Stack Overflow

NativeScript is a powerful open-source framework that uses JavaScript or TypeScript for mobile app development. It is equally suitable for devices based on the iOS or Android operating system. It's also frequently chosen for cross-platform solutions.

NativeScript offers a rich set of ready-to-use UI components and plugins, essential for speeding up the development process. It's worth noting that this tool allows for the creation of apps that are highly efficient in terms of performance, which is also crucial.

The choice of specific technologies used in development largely depends on the platforms where the mobile apps are intended to run and the objectives set by the client for the development team. We specify the tools used in development in each article from the Case Studies section on our website.

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