February 28, 2024

Exploring Google's Duet AI at Gen AI Labs in Detroit: Top 10 Features for Modern Software Development

On February 27, the Focus21 team attended the Gen AI Labs conference in Detroit as part of the 2024 Duet AI Global Roadshow, ready to share insights about the platform's features for contemporary developers.

Embedded in Google Cloud, artificial intelligence is transforming the landscape of possibilities for modern developers. The Duet AI platform, which is free to use until May 11, 2024, enables teams to rapidly implement innovations, optimize technologies, and enhance their operational efficiency.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, companies can quickly introduce innovations, create new opportunities, efficiently analyze data, and mitigate potential threat overloads. We had the chance to discuss all of this with Google specialists in Detroit at the Google Cloud Gen AI Labs on February 27.

At the conference, we learned about the integration of Duet AI into the software development process, tried out the platform for code and comment generation, participated in practical sessions alongside Google Cloud experts, and interacted with experts specializing in cloud technologies.

Main Takeaways from the Gen AI Labs Event in Detroit

1. AI Enhances Developer Productivity

As the Gen AI Labs events are dedicated specifically to software development, the focus in Detroit was, of course, on the advantages of Google's artificial intelligence for professionals working specifically in this field.

We even had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on using Duet AI at the event.

For example, Duet AI offers a plethora of unique opportunities for software developers, regardless of the programming language, framework, or IDE they use. Artificial intelligence increases the efficiency and productivity of such specialists.

Ford, an automotive company and a pioneer in using Google's artificial intelligence tools, was frequently cited as an example at Gen AI Labs. According to top managers, developers at the company began working 20–30% more productively, thanks to the use of Duet AI.

2. AI is Meaningless Without a Specialist

Can artificial intelligence, in any form, replace software developers or other specialists? We have repeatedly asked ourselves exactly this question (read the link) and today are 100% sure that it definitely cannot, regardless of the complexity of the task or industry.

No artificial intelligence today can be truly beneficial without a specialist controlling its actions.

At Gen AI Labs, Ford managers shared that they had learned this through their own experience. When the company launched an AI-based recommendation system for selecting cars on its website, it faced the issue of recommending the same model to everyone.

When using artificial intelligence, one cannot expect it to always make the right decisions, to be accurate 100% of the time. Ultimately, the responsibility should not lie on the tool designed to simplify work, but on the specific specialist performing the work.

3. AI is Not Just for Developers

Although the Gen AI Labs conference is entirely dedicated to modern software development methods, speakers noted that Duet AI is also well-suited for many other tasks, such as composing emails or assisting in blog writing.

The event was attended almost exclusively by professionals directly involved in development, but artificial intelligence from Google can be utilized by others as well.

Currently, the use of Duet AI's capabilities is essentially divided between Google Workspace and Google Cloud, where each tool specifically addresses the needs of any professional, regardless of their role within a particular company.

4. Data Security Must Be at the Core of AI

When discussing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, large companies invariably steer the conversation towards its security. That's why, in developing Duet AI, Google placed a premium on protecting the confidentiality of data accessed by AI.

5. It's Possible and Necessary to Create Custom AI Solutions

An important part of the developers' conference was also the use of natural language to create any technologies related to artificial intelligence. This includes chatbots, virtual agents, and other automation solutions for communication between businesses and clients.

Google has created an entire ecosystem not only with the Duet AI platform but also with the ability to create your own generative AI for a variety of tasks — this topic was particularly discussed during breaks at the event.

Google's solutions for developing custom generative AI tools include more than 130 foundational models, including those specific to healthcare, automotive, and other industries. To use them, one simply needs to specify the data storage system for the AI to begin working with.

By the way, if your company needs the development of any such custom software, you can reach out to our company, which will undoubtedly assist you with this matter. We have extensive experience in integrating AI-based solutions into projects of both small scale (read the case study) and entire ecosystems (read the case study).

The Top 10 Advantages of Duet AI for Developers

1. AI Code Assistance

Duet AI for Developers supports over 20 programming languages, including Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL. The platform can be used in conjunction with a variety of IDEs, including Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, WebStorm), Cloud Workstations, and Cloud Shell Editor.

Duet AI enhances software development efficiency, regardless of the programming language or IDE used.

While writing code, Duet AI complements it by generating entire blocks or individual functions on demand. This significantly accelerates the ability for modern custom software development companies, such as Focus21, to improve developer productivity, and reduce the cost of developing each project.

2. Natural Language Chat

Through a chat interface that can be integrated into almost any IDE at the developer's discretion, responses to questions about code writing or best practices for using cloud technologies can be obtained. This is faster than searching for necessary information online.

3. AI-Assisted Troubleshooting

Duet AI for Developers helps to quickly resolve any software development issues by integrating platform capabilities into Google Cloud Operations. Plus, expert recommendations in chat can assist with root cause analysis.

4. AI-Powered Smart Actions

Duet AI for Developers supports working with shortcuts and allows activating frequently used features with a single keystroke. For instance, generating text to explain code, which simply requires selecting the code and choosing a smart action.

5. Enterprise Security & Privacy

Duet AI for Developers comes with built-in security features such as Private Endpoint (Private Google Access), VPC Service Controls, and Enterprise Access Controls with granular IAM permissions, to help developers implement AI at scale without compromising security.

6. Powerful and Customized Foundation Models

Duet AI for Developers is an advanced tool based on Google AI Foundation, utilizing the latest achievements in artificial intelligence. It supports a wide range of coding scenarios, from task automation to solving complex algorithmic problems.

Without developers to utilize them, artificial intelligence itself has little practical utility.

Imagine a developer needs to create an efficient algorithm for optimizing delivery routes in a logistics application. Duet AI can suggest optimal solutions based on genetic algorithms or machine learning, providing faster and more efficient project implementation.

7. Source Citation

It's important to note that code suggestions provided by Duet AI for Developers are automatically marked with their source. This helps software development companies fully comply with all licensing requirements.

8. Industry Certificates

Duet AI for Developers has received a wide variety of industry certificates, including ISO/IEC 27001 (information security management), 27017 (cloud computing security), 27018 (PII protection), and 27701 (confidential information management).

9. IP Indemnification Policy

Google's intellectual property indemnification policy protects Duet AI for Developers users from potential legal consequences related to copyright infringement. The platform prevents developers from unwittingly doing something similar.

10. Data Governance Policy

Duet AI for Developers ensures that customer code, customer-provided data, and generated recommendations will not be used to train any general models or develop any products. Customers control and own their data and intellectual property.

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