Google Lighthouse: Unveiling the Ultimate Tool for Web Performance Assessment

The performance of each webpage is crucial both for SEO optimization and for retaining users on the website.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
September 8, 2023

Search engine marketing (SEM) on Google and other services is an effective way to attract new customers. However, in the context of North America, for the long-term perspective of digital business transformation, it's essential to use this tool in conjunction with efforts on search engine optimization (SEO).

Many often understand SEO merely as the creation of new pages optimized for specific search queries. The more informative and keyword-relevant these pages are, the higher they will appear in the search results of Google and other search engines.

However, in reality, SEO involves a much more comprehensive approach to improving your company's website. Special attention must be given to its performance, which not only impacts attracting new potential customers but also their subsequent retention.

On one hand, if a website is poorly optimized in terms of performance, search engines will quickly notice and decrease its chances of ranking high. On the other hand, slow loading times will deter users who simply don't want to wait.

The popular tech publication, The Verge, could benefit from improving the performance of its portal.

To effectively check the performance of your business website, the free Google Lighthouse service can help. It will evaluate a specific page on a 100-point scale and provide necessary improvement suggestions. Scores between 90 to 100 are considered good, making it a goal to strive for.

Besides performance, Google Lighthouse will also assess accessibility and other page metrics, including basic SEO principles. By following the provided recommendations, chances of increasing new organic traffic will significantly rise. Moreover, users are likely to spend more time on the website.

The easiest way to use Lighthouse is as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. After installation, navigate to a specific page of your website, launch the tool, and await the results. Each point in the report will be accompanied by detailed recommendations. It's only necessary to check the website pages using Google Lighthouse after significant modifications.

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