December 8, 2023

How to Use DALL-E for Creating Cover Images for Blog Articles on a Company's Official Website

Through this article, we share our experience using generative AI to create images, which we have been actively incorporating in our blog articles on the official website of our company.

Generative AI remains one of the key trends of recent times. A year ago, it was hard to imagine that technology would move in this direction. That's why artificial intelligence is receiving so much attention online and at conferences (we discussed this in this article).

Today, the most attention is drawn to ChatGPT, which OpenAI continues to develop systematically (read what generative AI thinks about itself in this article). Unfortunately, another product of the company, the neural network DALL-E, is not discussed as actively today — a misunderstanding we decided to correct.

Recently, we have been actively using DALL-E to create covers for a variety of articles for our blog on our official website. We are still experimenting with prompts for generative AI to get the most interesting results, but we can already share our observations.

Utmost Clarity and Absolute Specificity. The main thing that is very important is that all requests for DALL-E should clearly describe the desired image. It is important to detail aspects such as the scene, objects in it, a variety of colours, and the overall atmosphere of the future image.

The more details you provide, the more accurate and interesting the result will be. Generative AI can copy styles and even create new images based on any example found online. Yes, you can use not only a precise request but also an example.

Often absolutely ordinary requests for generative AI yield astonishing results that deserve the highest attention.

Avoid Sensitive Topics and Observe Rules. OpenAI does not want DALL-E to be used for creating fake marketing images for well-known brands and other illicit operations that might come to mind for ill-intentioned individuals.

Therefore, in requests for generative AI, there is no sense in using brand names, names of politicians and celebrities, and it is futile to mention copyright-protected characters. It's also better to avoid sensitive topics, as well as not to create requests that could be offensive or controversial.

Do Not Stop Experimenting. Ultimately, it's important to understand that there are no specific rules per se. Sometimes it's possible not to detail ideas minutely, but just describe them in a couple of common phrases. The result in this case can be less predictable, but more interesting.

It's important to understand that DALL-E has a wide variety of possibilities for creating images, so understanding them will only come with regular experiments. These can often also provide the opportunity to find your own style, which can be very useful for a blog on an official website.

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Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko


Artificial Intelligence