September 7, 2023

What is Generative AI According to ChatGPT

The widespread implementation of technologies that are in some way related to generative AI has become the main trend of the last few months.

Generative AI has become the main topic for discussion at any events somehow related to the tech industry in recent months. Some people worry that such technologies will replace regular employees, while others are sure they will become a handy tool for professionals.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence designed to create a wide variety of content: texts, images, videos, music, and so on. It is first trained for a long time on thematic template examples, and then it independently generates something.

Today, the most demanded tool of generative AI is ChatGPT. It's a chatbot based on neural network technologies, created by OpenAI. It can answer almost any questions that can be asked in natural language.

Today, the performance of ChatGPT is still far from ideal, but in skilled hands, it is already capable of a lot. With its help, for example, one can get viable code for an entire application. However, it is important to understand that it will be absolutely useless without a person who can figure out its details.

What is Generative AI According to ChatGPT

In May 2023, the number of active ChatGPT users exceeded the 100 million mark. At the same time, the official website of OpenAI, the company that created the technology, is visited by more than 1.8 billion people per month. The results are simply astonishing, but generative AI, on the whole, is not only interesting for its text.

We used the ChatGPT API to create requests for the neural network DreamStudio when developing the mobile application RoomRenderAI. Check out the case study for RoomRenderAI. It helps users visualize interior design based on a short list of data, including the type of room and its approximate area.

Generative AI can be the next step in the digital transformation of businesses regardless of the industry they operate in. It won't replace employees, but it will make their work more efficient, which can ultimately reduce company costs and attract new clients.

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