Leveraging ChatGPT's Hidden Techniques for Digital Business Transformation

We asked ChatGPT for tips on how to use it as efficiently as possible. We received a response and supplemented it with our explanations.

Mykola (Nick) Hrytsaienko
September 27, 2023

While some fear that neural network-based applications will take away jobs, others are actively using ChatGPT and other tools for both personal professional activities and enhancing the efficiency of digital business transformation.

ChatGPT is indeed one of the simplest, most understandable, and effective tools for digital transformation. With it, you can obtain key SEO keywords for your website, accurately translate emails when communicating with foreign partners, and generate several ideas for a company blog (read our Trends and Case Studies).

The question arises on how to use ChatGPT as efficiently as possible. We decided to ask the AI language model itself. We received a list of recommendations and supplemented them with plain language explanations to make it clear to everyone.

ChatGPT told us how to use it as effectively as possible.

Precision is Key. Be clear and specific in your queries. If a query is not well-defined, ChatGPT typically gives rather generalized responses without any particular relevant information. So, it's better to clarify all necessary details upfront, saving time on follow-up queries.

Break Down Complex Queries. If the question you want to pose to ChatGPT is multifaceted, it's better to divide it into simpler ones. Moreover, the query size that can be sent to the system is limited by its capabilities (about 2000 characters, 300-500 words), so overly long questions will only yield a warning message in response.

Iterative Dialogue. If the received answer is unsatisfactory or if more clarification is needed, don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions or rephrase your query. This helps in obtaining the most relevant information. Moreover, ChatGPT performs best in English.

Experiment with Context. If ChatGPT didn't understand the question as intended, it's best to provide more background or context. For example, if you need ideas for content on the company website, it's better to give a more detailed description of your business and any ongoing digital transformation.

Limitation Awareness. Remember that ChatGPT isn't aware of information post-September 2021 and, at the time of writing this article, it does not have the capability to browse the internet in real-time. If more recent information is required, you'll need to consult current sources.

Privacy First. Do not share personal, sensitive, or confidential information with ChatGPT. This tool is designed to respect users' privacy and does not store personal data, but caution should always be exercised. Safety in using all generative AI technologies was a primary concern at Collision 2023.

Go Beyond Text. While ChatGPT mainly works with text, it can also create or interpret code, assist in solving certain mathematical problems, and much more. This tool can be creatively utilized in various domains, so it's just a matter of trying again and again.

Explore Different Domains. ChatGPT is trained on a wide range of topics. Although it's often used for technical queries or general knowledge, you can inquire about literature, philosophy, history, and much more. For instance, queries for the neural network in the RoomRender AI app, developed by the Focus21 team, are generated specifically through ChatGPT (read more about it in our Case Study).

In general, there aren't major secrets about working with ChatGPT unknown to the public today. But with the simple tips described above, it can be used even more effectively. The main thing to remember is that this tool is not a reliable data source, so it shouldn't be taken as the ultimate truth. This is especially crucial when planning a digital business transformation.

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