February 28, 2024

We Attended the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show: Here Are the Top 10 Vehicles and Tech Startups We Loved

On February 25, the Focus21 team visited the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show and is excited to share the most interesting vehicles and tech startups that made a lasting impression on us.

From February 16 to 25, the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show took place, featuring a vast array of vehicle manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. The event also showcased booths from tech startups, highlighting not just automobiles but also technology.

Due to heavy workloads on custom software development and digital marketing projects, as well as a variety of initiatives the Focus21 team is involved in, we were only able to attend the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show on its last day, February 25.

We selected 10 interesting vehicles and tech startups that stood out the most. A couple of developers considered acquiring new electric vehicles, our digital marketing expert showed interest in the digital transformation of classic cars, and our CEO is looking to expand their fleet with another Tesla.

1. The Tech Startup ARC, Transforming Any Car into an Electric Vehicle

This 1974 Ford Bronco has been fully electrified thanks to the efforts of the ARC team.

This project particularly caught the attention of our digital marketing specialist. It's about the tech startup ARC (official website), which specializes in the digital transformation of classic vehicles—turning conventional cars into electric vehicles.

At the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show, the company presented a fully restored 1974 Ford Bronco in sea foam green, with a light interior and a convertible top. However, the most interesting aspect was its electric powertrain, which is what actually powers the vehicle.

2. The First Fully Canadian Electric Vehicle, Project Arrow by APMA

The concept of this Canadian electric car has travelled around the world and caught our attention again at this exhibition.

We could not overlook the prototype of the first fully Canadian manufactured electric car, Project Arrow (official website), currently being developed by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA). We had an in-depth discussion about it at the Collision event in Toronto in 2023 (read here).

The organization aims to showcase its technical innovations to North America and the world, proving its capability to manufacture electric vehicles domestically. This is particularly important today, as the automotive industry undergoes rapid changes.

3. Tesla Cybertruck, now seen on the streets of Toronto

Elon Musk's new pickup has begun deliveries to its first customers in North America.

Observing the Tesla Cybertruck, its exterior design immediately captures attention, distinct from any other electric vehicle on the market. It looks and feels exceptionally futuristic, thanks to its angular shapes and the materials used in its construction.

Unfortunately, as with many other vehicles showcased, access to its interior was not available, preventing a complete experience of its essence. Nonetheless, its exterior alone is as unique as possible, a bold move by Tesla and personally by Elon Musk.

4. A completely pink Chevy Corvette '57 in honor of the Barbie movie

An amazing vehicle featured in the film was available for viewing at the exhibition.

The Corvette, driven by Margot Robbie's character in the Barbie movie (2023), unexpectedly drew a lot of attention at the exhibition. Surely, such a vibrant vehicle would attract a lot of attention on public roads, but for now, it is showcased only at similar events.

5. GMC HUMMER EV with an exceptionally practical interior

Until a few months ago, access to the interior of this vehicle was simply not available to anyone.

At the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show, many were eager to sit inside the GMC HUMMER EV, previously inaccessible at similar events for months. Inside, this incredibly attractive electric vehicle feels great, instantly making one yearn for summer and the nearest beach.

The vehicle's interior is made from practical synthetic materials that are clearly water-resistant, suggesting it is designed for typical countryside use. It is perfectly suited for the Muskoka area, 2–3 hours north of Toronto.

6. One of the true Lamborghini tractors from the 1960s

Agricultural machinery was one of the first sectors in the Italian company's history.

Surprisingly, not everyone at Focus21 knew that Lamborghini's history actually began with agricultural tractors. Initially, the company focused on them before making a dramatic pivot to ultra-modern sports cars.

7. The fully electric Rolls-Royce Spectre in a familiar style

The new Rolls-Royce retains the company's signature style but has fully transitioned to electric propulsion.

Like many other manufacturers and despite its absolute traditionalism, Rolls-Royce is keen to keep pace with the times. Hence, it demonstrates a complete readiness to transition to luxury electric vehicles, marking a significant step for the company.

On one hand, this move portrays the company as maximally modern and even innovative. On the other hand, it remains 100% true to its unmatched style, inevitably attracting attention. The Rolls-Royce Spectre symbolizes the epochal threshold we are currently crossing.

8. Replica of Batman's Vehicle from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

The replica from the exhibition turned out not to be the most successful, but it reminded us of one of the best superhero trilogies.

Among other things, the exhibition featured a replica of Batman from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, which immediately caught our team's attention and motivated us to rewatch the entire trilogy (2005–2012) once again. The quality of this particular specimen did not impress, but it was enough to trigger a wave of nostalgia.

9. Exclusive Pagani Huayra Roadster with a Carbon Body

This car turned out to be one of the most exclusive at the exhibition.

Vehicles like the Pagani Huayra Roadster attract attention precisely because of their exclusivity. There are very few of them on the public roads — even in Toronto, it's very rare to encounter such a vehicle in traffic. It represents the pinnacle of engineering thought that one aspires to reach.

10. The First Fully Electric RAM 1500 REV

It's quite possible that this vehicle will become the true symbol of a new era.

After visiting the 2024 Toronto International Auto Show and discussing automotive trends while walking around the city, all members of the Focus21 team agreed that the RAM 1500 REV, with sales starting at the end of 2024, is the main litmus test for the total digitization of vehicles.

If even the overtly rugged and muscle pickups, which have always surprised with their number of cylinders, high fuel consumption, and incredible internal combustion engine power, are switching to electric traction, it only means that reversing this process is now impossible.

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