SEO-First Custom Website Development Package

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We offer your business a proven website development package focused on SEO and attracting organic traffic from search engines.

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All-Inclusive SEO-First Package


The SEO-First Custom Website Development Package entails the creation of a new corporate website for a company, aimed at generating organic traffic. It leverages a component-based approach and content management system (CMS), enabling the creation of numerous optimized pages for specific keywords.

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Not Only Custom Website Design & Website Development


SEO Best Practices Development

At the core of each project is a focus on attracting organic traffic from search engines.

Strong Digital Marketing

Along with the new website, the company will get a proven strategy to promote it through search engines.

Best User Experience

A straightforward and intuitive user-centered design (including desktop and mobile design) increases conversion rates.

True Responsive Design

The responsive website design is adaptable to devices of any type and screen resolution, including desktops and smartphones.

Fast and Reliable

The corporate website operates swiftly and flawlessly, thus being favorably indexed by search engines.

Content Management System

It allows the company to independently add new content and not depend on our team of web developers.

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What's Included in the SEO-First Custom Website Development Package


Get the most out of your investment with our all-inclusive package.

Website Development Package
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Access the complete package with all of the features tailored for your.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keywords Survey
  • CMS Integration
  • On-Page Optimization
  • SEO Strategy

Custom Package

Design a custom package to fit your business.

  • Off-page Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • eCommerce Development
  • Custom Solutions
  • Software Applications
seo-first package process

How the Custom Website Development Process Works


Design and Development Planning

Collaborating with the client to compile a list of key competitors whose websites generate organic traffic. Collecting major search keywords with high organic traffic potential. Designing the logic of the website and strategizing the conversion pathway.


Semantic Core & Custom Web Design

Developing a semantic core for SEO, associating high-potential search keywords with future static and dynamic pages.
Designing UX/UI for site pages, creating designs for individual web components used in static and dynamic pages.


Custom Web Development

Assembling static pages from individual components and creating templates for dynamic pages. Implementing a CMS and configuring it for the company's independent use. Integration  auxiliary systems used by the client and setting up feedback forms.


On-Page SEO Content Creation

Generating terms for selected search keywords to craft texts for main pages, preparing SEO texts and content for key pages. Authoring the first blog articles optimized for specific search keywords with high traffic potential.


Website Testing and Launching

Ensuring readiness for launch, rectifying potential errors, and making preparatory adjustments. Linking the website to the domain, making it live and accessible to the public. Implementing organic traffic monitoring systems and providing client access to them.


SEO Content Strategy

Creating a list of search keywords with high traffic potential recommended for future use. Compiling recommendations to help the client start improving their website's domain rating.

Discover What our Customers are Saying About Us


"The variety of services they can offer and the level of customization they provide stand out."

Renato Zampa Carlini
Planit Peasuring

"What was delivered is more than I could have imagined! The usability and UI ‘intuitiveness’ is indescribable."

Kristi Siahaya
Scientific Technologies Corporation

“We were unsure whether our project was feasible and the fact that Focus21 could pull it off was exceptional. What an impressive team!”

Greg Curtis
Triforce Property Management Inc.

"Our clients are happy. Our own staff is happy because Focus21 increased the knowledge, capability and capacity of our own team."

Mike Popovich
Scientific Technologies Corporation

"I worked closely with Ilya’s team at Focus21 on software projects. Their exceptional work showcased technical expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. They were responsive, positive, and collaborative, ensuring a smooth project. Highly recommend them as talented and dedicated developers. Thanks for the opportunity."

Mike Laurie
Planit Measuring

"It was so easy to work with Focus 21 and that made it a fantastic experience for us. The right questions were asked to discover the best solutions for a better business. We went in with a number of assumptions about our users and process and came out with alignment. There is a lot of trust between our teams and that trust continues to grow."

DJ Hanna
TELUS Health

Our Client Portfolio


Discover the diverse range of businesses we've partnered with and the successful outcomes we've achieved together

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Case Studies

Our Proud Work with Our Innovative Clients

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Member Platform

Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)

AMO empowers Ontario's municipalities to collaborate effectively, optimize resources, and build thriving communities through policy development, cost-saving programs, and training.

Read case study

Safety First Simulators

Safety First Simulators partnered with Focus21 to develop an innovative telehandler simulator hardware-software system to enhance the training of new equipment operators and mitigate on-site accidents.

Read case study
API Integration

Planit Measuring

Focus21 partners with Planit Measuring to upgrade software, streamlining data collection and processing for enhanced productivity. This collaboration introduces innovative solutions like integrating LiDAR sensors into mobile devices, positioning Planit Measuring as a tech leader in its field.

Read case study
Mobile App

Vita Fertility Clinic

Xtract One, developed by XLabh Innovations Inc. in collaboration with Focus21, addresses the healthcare 'Information-Knowledge Gap'. The app provides concise summaries and audio extracts from medical articles, aiding efficient learning for professionals. This innovative solution aims to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes by offering timely access to essential information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are open about the technologies we use as well as our processes.

Why is search engine optimization still the best way to attract new customers?

There's a belief that today, the vast majority of potential customers actively use only social networks, through which they find any services needed. This statement is both correct and incorrect simultaneously.

On one hand, yes, many do indeed find small hyperlocal companies offering simple services via Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, for more complex products or services, Google and other search engines are still heavily utilized, with the number of queries increasing each year (+25% annual).

Therefore, most companies need to enhance their online presence to a level that meets specific business needs. This can be achieved through attracting organic traffic with quality content and search engine optimization tools, as well as through pay-per-click advertising systems.

The combination of organic and paid traffic tends to perform best as it allows your website to be discovered by potential clients across all possible keywords, demonstrate your expertise to visitors, and guide them from mere interest to becoming a customer.

How do we differ from a typical web design company or development company?

We are not just a design agency or a web development team. Our company also includes a large number of other specialists, including a digital marketing department and experts in advertising and search engine optimization. That's why we offer extensive website development services that cover all areas of digital marketing.

We are confident that today any company needs not just a customized website, but a true digital online platform that uses a component approach and content management systems. These are essential for adding a large amount of information to the website, which is necessary to attract organic traffic.

Why do we recommend rebuilding some corporate websites from scratch?

As our experience shows, about 90% of corporate websites are outdated, do not meet current internet standards, and cannot be simply "optimized". Most of them require a custom web development service, which our company offers.

The current website of a potential client, who needs this package, often cannot be quickly scaled due to the lack of a component-based approach and does not support working with CMS — these website features are key factors for the growth of organic traffic from search engines. Therefore, in this case, we do not recommend just optimizing your website.

For the overhaul of an existing website, we choose the best web technologies, modern search engine optimization tools, create a new website design with an emphasis on user-friendly nuances, and also meticulously develop a content strategy that will assist in attracting organic traffic and demonstrating expertise to potential clients.

WordPress website vs Webflow website: what platform do we use for corporate websites?

When developing a modern website, it is important to focus not only on the unique design that will be displayed to your visitors but also on the technical side, which will determine its stable operation.

If any development agency you plan to consult offers you a WordPress website development, immediately inquire about how ongoing website support will be managed. Most projects developed on this platform require constant developer attention to update plugins, monitor, and resolve issues.

Conversely, the Webflow platform does not require constant technical attention from specialists. That's why every website built on it only requires ongoing work on the content base, which, as it expands, will also increase the amount of organic traffic.

Build your website on Webflow regardless of which contractor you approach or if you want to handle it yourself. We specifically use this platform for creating custom projects within this service package.

What other web development services and custom software development services does our company offer?

We are not just a website development company. Our company brings together a large number of diverse specialists located in Canada, the USA, and around the world. We have a development team working with a wide range of technologies, a design team, specialists in creating websites based on Webflow, and professionals in marketing services and SEO.

We offer custom development solutions of any complexity and professional custom web solutions. Whether creating a custom web app for your website or integrating a third-party service, we provide our clients with extensive development experience in various fields, ensuring the quality of the services offered by our company.

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