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Seamlessly Executed Full-Cycle Custom Software Development with Industry Best Practices.


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AI Development

Automate tasks, enhance decisions, predict trends, ensure quality, and personalize experiences with AI, freeing focus for strategy.

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development service creates tailored solutions to optimize your business, focusing on collaboration, innovation, and quality to exceed your expectations.

Digital Advisor Services

Guidance on Canadian tech grants and loans including CDAP, SRED, and IRAP

Mobile App Development

We provide end-to-end mobile app solutions, including consulting, custom development, UI/UX design, and cross-platform expertise.

Offshore Development

Some clients prefer outsourcing their development to us for faster, efficient, and cost-effective project delivery compared to in-house methods.

Product Strategy

Our product strategy service creates a roadmap for success, guiding you from concept to launch with clear objectives and market insights.

QA and Software Testing

Our guarantee flawless software performance through thorough testing on all platforms and devices.

Rapid MVP Development

We rapidly develop your MVP on budget, prioritizing key features and leveraging top talent teams for accelerated business growth.

UI/UX Design

Craft engaging, user-friendly, and functional UX/UI designs that captivate users, streamline processes, and drive business growth.

Case Studies

Our Proud Work with Our Innovative Clients

case studies
Member Platform

Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)

AMO empowers Ontario's municipalities to collaborate effectively, optimize resources, and build thriving communities through policy development, cost-saving programs, and training.

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Safety First Simulators

Safety First Simulators partnered with Focus21 to develop an innovative telehandler simulator hardware-software system to enhance the training of new equipment operators and mitigate on-site accidents.

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API Integration

Planit Measuring

Focus21 partners with Planit Measuring to upgrade software, streamlining data collection and processing for enhanced productivity. This collaboration introduces innovative solutions like integrating LiDAR sensors into mobile devices, positioning Planit Measuring as a tech leader in its field.

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Mobile App

Vita Fertility Clinic

Xtract One, developed by XLabh Innovations Inc. in collaboration with Focus21, addresses the healthcare 'Information-Knowledge Gap'. The app provides concise summaries and audio extracts from medical articles, aiding efficient learning for professionals. This innovative solution aims to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes by offering timely access to essential information.

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Our Expertise is Worth Leaning On


Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Effortlessly collaborate with transparent communication and streamlined project management for timely delivery.

We work agile with fast iterations

Agile methodology with rapid iterations ensures quick adjustments and efficient progress, delivering high-quality software.

Qualified expertise

Our team stays ahead with ongoing training in the latest technologies, ensuring we deliver solutions at the forefront of innovation.

Scalable Solutions for Business Growth

Tailored architecture for business needs ensures scalable solutions, driving growth and adaptability.

Intuitive UX

Elevate user engagement and adoption with our UI/UX design expertise, crafting intuitive interfaces that enhance usability and drive customer satisfaction.

Complete product teams

Gain access to Business Analysts, Product Designers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, DevOps specialists, and Full-stack developers.

our process

How We Work


Initial Call

This call serves as a starting point for understanding the your needs and creating an statement of work for the project.


Discovery Phase

Our team investigates project requirements through collaborative discussions, research, and analysis. This phase aims to gather comprehensive information to formulate a clear strategy moving forward.


Design Phase

The team creates the blueprint for the project, including wireframes, prototypes, and user interface designs. The focus is on ensuring that the final product meets the client's expectations and user needs.


Development Phase

The team translates the design concepts into functional software solutions. This stage involves coding, testing, and refining the product to ensure its quality, performance, and functionality align with the client's objectives.

Certified Development Team

Work With Our Certified Developers


Access developers, DevOps engineers, and project managers who implemented dozens of custom-made cloud systems.

Ensure high-quality solutions
Optimized costs and enhanced security
Continuous innovation and dedicated support

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Why US
why us

World-Class Problem Solvers

No matter the scope or size of the problem, we are dedicated to finding effective solutions.

Tailored Solutions

We personalize our approach to meet your unique needs and goals.

Collaborative Approach

We set you up for success by keeping you involved every step of the way.


Change in budget, timeline, requirements? No problem for us.

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Focus21 team members
Focus21 team at work

Our Client Portfolio


Discover the diverse range of businesses we've partnered with and the successful outcomes we've achieved together

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are open about the technologies we use as well as our processes.

What does the software development process entail?

The process of software development in our team is divided into three key stages: initial call, discovery phase, and creation.

■ During the first stage, we explore the needs of our clients to accurately understand the goals and requirements for the future project.
■ In the second stage, based on the gathered data, we develop a project plan and create the architecture for the future software solution.
■ In the third stage, our team of engineers and developers brings the project's functionality to life, conducts thorough debugging of the software to avoid errors, and deploys the project in the client's environment.

We also provide ongoing support and updates to ensure the stability and relevance of the software product.

What technologies and programming languages do you use?

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we use a wide range of technologies and programming languages.

■ Programming languages: Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript.
■ Frameworks and libraries: React, Angular, Node.js, .NET, Spring Boot.
■ Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle.
■ Cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.
■ DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins.

We regularly implement the latest technologies to provide the most advanced solutions.

How do you ensure the quality of the software being developed?

The quality of the software we develop is our priority. For this, we use a comprehensive approach.

We follow best coding practices and standards, use version control systems, conduct regular code reviews, combine automated tests with manual testing to ensure thorough debugging, automate development processes to increase efficiency, and promptly respond to and resolve any detected issues.

What is your experience working in various industries?

Our team has extensive experience in various industries, including Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Technology, Automotive, Construction, Telecommunications, Retail, Logistics, Real Estate, eLearning, Travel and Hospitality, and more.

This experience allows us to better understand the unique requirements and challenges of each industry, apply industry knowledge to create specialized solutions, and anticipate and consider the specific risks and standards of each industry.

Do you have experience integrating with existing client systems?

Yes, we have extensive experience in integrating newly developed software with existing client systems.

We are skilled at working with various APIs and data exchange standards, ensuring smooth integration without data loss or operational failures, providing high compatibility and functionality between systems, and offering consultation and support on integration issues.