Digital Transformation Plan to Improve Digital Maturity

With this plan you can start the digital transformation starting at $1,200 and receive a 10% discount on our services.

Get a 10% Discount on Our Services
with a Digital Transformation Plan

Having assisted 60+ businesses with their digital transformation, we understand the critical role strategic digital transformation plays for small to medium-sized businesses in Canada.

That's why we've developed our own digital transformation strategic process that enables businesses to successfully navigate your digital transformation journey.

Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Meet with our team to identify your business gaps and opportunities.

Get Digital Transformation Plan

Obtain a tailored strategic digital transformation plan for your business.

Improve Your Digital Maturity

Receive a comprehensive set of actionable steps and tools to enhance your digital maturity.

SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing

Boost your brand awareness with digital marketing strategies and rank higher on Google.

Boost Cybersecurity

Enhance the security level of absolutely all your online resources and services without exception.

10% Discount on Our Services

Unlock a 10% discount on our services when you complete our digital transformation process.

Why Focus21

We are Not Just Any Agency

We are a versatile software development team that delivers high-quality, tailored solutions.

In house Webmaster Lacks Expertise

  • Limited Expertise
  • Resource Constraints
  • Extended Timelines
  • Maintenance Challenges
  • No Proven Process

Other Agencies are Too Unpredictable

  • Limited Customization
  • Communication Challenges
  • Fixed Offerings
  • No Clear Process
  • Overly Expensive for Generic Results

Focus on Success Essentials

  • World-Class Problem Solvers
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Scalability for Growth

Every Story is Different,
Let's Write Yours Together

The process of software development in our team is divided into three key stages: initial call, discovery phase, and creation.

Focus21 team discusses software development with a customer

Initial Call

We dive into your vision, comprehending your objectives and establishing the platform for collaboration.

Focus21 team discusses the nuances of website development with a client

Discovery Phase

We carefully craft a digital experience roadmap, seamlessly aligning research and strategy to shape your journey.

Focus21 team presents the development of a mobile application to a client


We meticulously design, expertly code, rigorously test, and continuously refine your product.


Discover What our Customers are Saying About Us


"The variety of services they can offer and the level of customization they provide stand out."

Renato Zampa Carlini
Planit Peasuring

"What was delivered is more than I could have imagined! The usability and UI ‘intuitiveness’ is indescribable."

Kristi Siahaya
Scientific Technologies Corporation

“We were unsure whether our project was feasible and the fact that Focus21 could pull it off was exceptional. What an impressive team!”

Greg Curtis
Triforce Property Management Inc.

"Our clients are happy. Our own staff is happy because Focus21 increased the knowledge, capability and capacity of our own team."

Mike Popovich
Scientific Technologies Corporation

"I worked closely with Ilya’s team at Focus21 on software projects. Their exceptional work showcased technical expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. They were responsive, positive, and collaborative, ensuring a smooth project. Highly recommend them as talented and dedicated developers. Thanks for the opportunity."

Mike Laurie
Planit Measuring

"It was so easy to work with Focus 21 and that made it a fantastic experience for us. The right questions were asked to discover the best solutions for a better business. We went in with a number of assumptions about our users and process and came out with alignment. There is a lot of trust between our teams and that trust continues to grow."

DJ Hanna
TELUS Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are open about the technologies we use as well as our processes.

Why we created Digital Transformation Plan?

In recent months, the demand for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) has surged to unparalleled levels. Since the initiation of this Canadian government scheme, it has attracted over 21,000 applications from businesses across diverse industries, with more than 10,000 additional applications currently being processed.

Owing to the overwhelming interest in the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology stream, the available grant funding has been completely allocated. This update has been shared by our partners and is also announced on the official program webpage.

On February 16, 2024, the government announced the impending conclusion of the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), and on February 19, the unprecedented initiative was declared definitively concluded.

Many companies we collaborate with found themselves unprepared for such a decision. They were eager to initiate the digital transformation process for their businesses but did not manage to apply for the program in time.

This is precisely why we decided to create our own alternative. Having supported over 100 businesses in developing their Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) strategies, we understand the critical importance of strategic digital transformation for small to medium-sized businesses in Canada.

As a result, we have developed our unique Digital Transformation Plan, a streamlined process that enables your successful navigation through the digital transformation journey.

What does the Digital Transformation Plan include?

The process of creating a digital transformation plan for a business is divided into three main stages, each of which plays a critical role in ensuring the success and sustainability of digital transformation.

■ Identification of Gaps and Opportunities. Everything begins with a fundamental analysis aimed at identifying current gaps in your digital infrastructure and business processes, as well as identifying potential opportunities for digital transformation.

This stage requires close collaboration between your team and our specialists. We will conduct a series of meetings, interviews with key employees, and an analysis of your current IT infrastructure.

It's important to understand not only the technical aspects but also the business goals, company culture, and current trends in the industry in which you operate. This will allow us to determine which areas of your business can be improved or transformed through digital technologies.

■ Receiving the Digital Transformation Plan. In the second stage, based on the collected data and analysis, we will develop a specific strategic digital transformation plan for your business.

This plan will encompass not just technological aspects but also suggestions for optimizing business processes, changes in management structure, and company culture.

The plan will feature a clear roadmap with defined stages, KPIs to assess progress, and recommendations for implementing the necessary technological solutions. We will also discuss potential risks and strategies for their minimization.

■ Enhancing Digital Maturity. In the final stage, based on the developed plan, we will assist you in implementing the proposed solutions to enhance the digital maturity of your business.

This process involves not just the technical implementation of new systems and tools but also staff training, process changes, and adaptation of corporate culture.

We will provide you with a complete set of actionable steps and tools to achieve these goals. Working together, we will ensure that your business not only adapts to current digital trends but is also prepared for future innovations.

It's important to understand that digital transformation is not a one-time project but a continuous process of adaptation and improvement that requires constant monitoring, analysis, and readiness for change. Our goal as custom software development specialists is to equip your business with the necessary tools and knowledge for successful digital transformation.

We will offer you a custom-developed plan for promoting your business online, utilizing the latest trends and tools in SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and digital marketing. This will not only increase your business's online visibility but also attract your target audience, increase conversion rates, and, consequently, boost revenue.

In an environment of ever-growing threats in cybersecurity, we will ensure the protection of all your online resources at the highest level. Our approach to security is comprehensive and includes both protection against external threats and enhancing the internal information security of your company.

Upon completing the digital transformation process, we provide you with an exclusive 10% discount on all our services. This not only makes the process more beneficial for your business but also highlights our interest in a long-term partnership and support of your business at every stage of its digital development.

How quickly can we receive a Digital Transformation Plan?

The development of a Digital Transformation Plan can be completed within a few weeks.

The timeline for its completion depends on the current workload of our team of specialists. Recently, our company has been handling a significant influx of new projects, prompting us to actively expand and hire new developers and other professionals.

The sooner you reach out to our company, the quicker you will have a comprehensive strategic digital transformation plan in your hands, regardless of your business's size or the industry in which you operate.

Why do we offer a 10% discount on our services along with the Digital Transformation Plan?

We believe that this discount will serve as additional motivation for you to go through the entire path of digital transformation from start to finish. We want to guide you along this journey and implement projects of any complexity for you.

Our team boasts a broad spectrum of expertise across numerous sectors, such as Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Technology, Automotive, Construction, Telecommunications, Retail, Logistics, Real Estate, eLearning, Travel, Hospitality, among others.

This wide-ranging experience empowers us to deeply comprehend the distinct demands and hurdles inherent to each industry, harness sector-specific knowledge to forge tailored solutions, and proactively address and adhere to the particular risks and standards characteristic of each field.

"We believe that today any business can be digitized regardless of the industry. Anyone who realizes this faster than others will achieve unprecedented success." — Ilya Peskov, CEO and Co-Founder, Focus21.

What core services does our company offer after the Digital Transformation Plan?

At Focus21, we empower businesses to thrive in the 21st century through our custom software solutions, including web and mobile solutions, AI/ML integration, UX/UI design, as well as SEO and digital marketing services.

Our clients are located in Canada, the United States, European countries, and around the world. They vary greatly in size and the industries they operate in. However, they are all united by the desire to reduce expenses, increase revenue, and acquire as many new customers as possible.

The primary focus of our company is the creation of custom software of any level of complexity.

The software development lifecycle within our team unfolds through three primary phases: initial consultation, discovery phase, and development phase.

■ In the initial consultation, we delve into our clients' needs to precisely grasp the objectives and specifications for the upcoming project.

■ The discovery phase sees us leveraging the information collected to draft a project blueprint and architect the forthcoming software solution.

■ During the development phase, our cadre of engineers and developers actualizes the project's features, rigorously debugs the software to eliminate glitches, and implements the solution in the client's infrastructure.

Furthermore, we offer continuous support and updates to guarantee the software product's stability and ongoing relevance.

By deciding to work with us, you are choosing a reliable partner ready to provide a comprehensive approach to the digital transformation of your business, from strategic planning to execution and support. We aim to ensure that every client can not only achieve their current digitalization goals but also lay a solid foundation for future growth and development.

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