January 25, 2024

5 Highly Useful AI Tools for Enhancing Your Company's Official Website

In this article, we discuss AI-based tools that can be used to enhance your company's website: improving texts, generating new ideas, creating images, search engine optimization (SEO), and UI/UX elements.

Artificial Intelligence remains a hot topic of discussion online month after month. Some fear that it could replace real jobs (we discussed this in this article). Others believe that AI-based tools can boost the productivity of every professional.

Artificial Intelligence was a major topic of discussion at Collision in Toronto in 2023 (we covered it here). In 2024, it will undoubtedly continue to occupy the minds of absolutely everyone. We actively use AI in our work to increase our efficiency.

AI-based tools can be conveniently used for developing your company's official website. We have been creating unique cover images for our blog articles through DALL-E for some time now (read about it here). However, this is just one example.

1. DeepL for Intelligent Text Translation

A revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence for high accuracy and naturalness of translations. Thanks to AI, it captures subtle nuances and context of the source text, making it ideal for working with marketing and corporate materials.

DeepL provides not just lexical, but also stylistic consistency with the original. Therefore, its use on a company's official website will aid in content localization for different countries and regions. In Canada, for example, it will be convenient to translate texts from English to French and vice versa.

Additionally, DeepL offers an API that helps natively integrate it into your own website. Thus, this AI-based tool can be used for automatic translation of user reviews or comments, and the overall content.

▶︎ DeepL

2. ChatGPT for Generating New Ideas for Pages and Blogs

This tool is known for its ability to generate creative and well-structured text content, and recently it has also been capable of searching the internet for necessary information and studying specific websites. This makes it especially useful for corporate tasks.

ChatGPT can be asked to come up with several interesting ideas for your company's blog, analyze the quality of content on specific service pages of the official website. In response, AI can consider not only the originality of ideas but also current trends and user interest.

Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to structure information in specific materials for further uploading to the site. However, it should not be used to write entire texts or obtain important data, as it does not guarantee the uniqueness and reliability of information (we wrote about this here).

▶︎ ChatGPT

3. DALL-E for Unique Images for the Site

An advanced AI-based tool designed for generating images from textual descriptions. It can be used to create unique visual materials not only for marketing campaigns of your business but also for pages and blog articles on the company's official website.

Unique images for blog articles or product page visualizations can significantly enhance the visual perception of information and attract additional attention from visitors. Plus, all such illustrations are free from copyright, allowing their free use at your discretion.

Thanks to DALL-E, you can save time and resources usually spent on photography, searching for suitable pictures in stock databases and search engines. With this tool, you can quickly create images that are maximally relevant to the unique theme and style.


4. Surfer SEO for Search Engine Optimization of Pages

A powerful AI-based tool that assists in optimizing web pages of the company's official website for search engines. It provides detailed analysis of competitors' websites, in-demand keywords, page structures, and many other factors that affect SEO.

When working on improving the ranking of specific pages, Surfer SEO can suggest the optimal number of keywords, content volume recommendations, as well as tips on material structure and headings. All this will positively impact the positions of pages in search results.

Using Surfer SEO is especially beneficial for companies looking to increase their online visibility and attract more traffic to their site. However, it's important to understand that the effectiveness of any new content will also depend on the domain authority of your company (we discussed this here).

▶︎ Surfer SEO

5. Adobe Sensei for Creating Design Elements

Another tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the design process and the creation of visual elements. It allows for the automation of many design-related tasks, including optimizing images for different devices, creating animations, and interactive elements.

Adobe Sensei can automatically adjust image sizes and formats for various platforms, significantly speeding up the web content preparation process. Plus, this tool can be used in conjunction with DALL-E and other generative AI-based systems.

The use of Adobe Sensei is particularly important in a highly competitive environment, where a unique and memorable design can be a decisive factor in a website's success. Moreover, integration with other Adobe products provides extensive opportunities for creative professionals.

▶︎ Adobe Sensei

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