Website Development Essentials Package

We provide the tools to boost sales, enhanced your visibility, and provide a seamless user experience for $15,000.

why the essentials

Don't Let a Bad Website Burn You

Over 40% of business websites are outdated, slow, and lacking security. Our Website Essentials Package provides the tools to help your business thrive in the digital world for $15,000.

Enhanced Professionalism

Establish credibility and trust among potential customers.


Increase visibility and make it easy for customers to find your business.

Better Engagement and Interaction

Convert more visitors into leads through the sales funnel.

Mobile Accessibility

Ensure your website is optimized for all devices.

Fast and Reliable

Fast load times for enhanced user satisfaction and increasing conversion.

Cost Savings and Scalability

Save costs and expand your website as your business grows.

Why Focus21

We are Not Just Any Agency

We are a versatile software development team that delivers high-quality, tailored solutions.

In house Webmaster Lacks Expertise

  • Limited Expertise
  • Resource Constraints
  • Extended Timelines
  • Maintenance Challenges
  • No Proven Process

Other Agencies are Too Unpredictable

  • Limited Customization
  • Communication Challenges
  • Fixed Offerings
  • No Clear Process
  • Overly Expensive for Generic Results

Focus on Success Essentials

  • World-Class Problem Solvers
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Scalability for Growth

Every Story is Different,
Let's Write Yours Together

The process of software development in our team is divided into three key stages: initial call, discovery phase, and creation.

Focus21 team discusses software development with a customer

Initial Call

We dive into your vision, comprehending your objectives and establishing the platform for collaboration.

Focus21 team discusses the nuances of website development with a client

Discovery Phase

We carefully craft a digital experience roadmap, seamlessly aligning research and strategy to shape your journey.

Focus21 team presents the development of a mobile application to a client


We meticulously design, expertly code, rigorously test, and continuously refine your product.

Our purpose is to build partnerships to deliver robust and scalable technology solutions that enhance efficiency, user experience, and performance.


Discover What our Customers
are Saying About Us

"The variety of services they can offer and the level of customization they provide stand out."

Renato Zampa Carlini
Planit Peasuring

"What was delivered is more than I could have imagined! The usability and UI ‘intuitiveness’ is indescribable."

Kristi Siahaya
Scientific Technologies Corporation

“We were unsure whether our project was feasible and the fact that Focus21 could pull it off was exceptional. What an impressive team!”

Greg Curtis
Triforce Property Management Inc.

"Our clients are happy. Our own staff is happy because Focus21 increased the knowledge, capability and capacity of our own team."

Mike Popovich
Scientific Technologies Corporation

"I worked closely with Ilya’s team at Focus21 on software projects. Their exceptional work showcased technical expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. They were responsive, positive, and collaborative, ensuring a smooth project. Highly recommend them as talented and dedicated developers. Thanks for the opportunity."

Mike Laurie
Planit Measuring

"It was so easy to work with Focus 21 and that made it a fantastic experience for us. The right questions were asked to discover the best solutions for a better business. We went in with a number of assumptions about our users and process and came out with alignment. There is a lot of trust between our teams and that trust continues to grow."

DJ Hanna
TELUS Health

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There will never be a perfect time to put your ideas into action. Let's build your idea, test, iterate, and do it all over again. You don't have to do it alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are open about the technologies we use as well as our processes.

 Why we created the Website Essentials Package?

Our Essentials Packages are designed for small businesses lacking significant financial resources and the necessary expertise in digital products that they might need.

Statistics show that most companies have not updated their websites in over five years. Furthermore, more than 40% of corporate websites do not function properly. All these factors contribute to a negative online image for the company and deter potential clients.

The Website Essentials Package offers an excellent opportunity to get a new, fully functional website from professional developers. It includes all necessary pages that pleasantly inform potential clients about everything they need to know regarding the business.

What does the Website Essentials Package include?

The Website Essentials Package encompasses website structure planning, design development, and technical nuances.

It includes complete optimization for future search engine promotion: high performance, correct semantics, and content filled with the necessary keywords.

You receive a fully functional website with all necessary pages, as well as feedback forms through which your clients can contact you.

Typically, a website will have up to 10 fully functional pages with all necessary sections, including information about the company and its offerings.

All pages are adapted for all screen resolutions, thoroughly tested, and contain unique texts written using keywords necessary for search engines.

What tools do we use to create websites?

We use Webflow as the foundational platform for our websites.

This popular and modern system allows for rapid creation, deployment, and scaling of a project, and can easily be handed over to another developer if needed. It's also an excellent choice for search engine optimization.

If you need complex custom elements in the future, including booking systems, we can always integrate components written in React directly into your website. This allows for the implementation of any level of functionality.

Can such websites be scaled?

Yes, of course.

Modern websites contain hundreds of pages designed for search engine promotion.

Even with the Website Essentials Package, we employ this approach, which will make it very easy to scale your site in the future.

We plan the website architecture in advance and create all necessary components to continue working on it at any moment you are ready.

Are such websites suitable for search engine optimization?

Yes, the best.

Unlike other platforms, thanks to Webflow, your new website will have maximally clean and understandable HTML code for Google and other search engines, which is very important for its further promotion.

Moreover, we avoid excessive JavaScript code to ensure maximum performance and speed.

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