Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

Transition from paper-based risk evaluation system into a fully functional, self-service digital portal for hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA)
Health & Safety

The Challenge

Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) is an organization tasked by the Ontario Ministry of labour to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illness.

PSHSA approached Focus21 to help the organization turn what was a paper-based risk evaluation system for hospitals and long-term care facilities into a fully functional, self-service portal that care facilities can use to ensure they are in compliance with health and safety legislation, and to improve workplace safety.

The Approach

Focus21 developed a strategy alongside PSHSA leaders to transform a paper-based process into a modern experience and reporting solution. Careful attention was paid to ensure that the new process was recognizable but also more efficient and easy to use.

Focus21 held an initial discovery session with the client that transitioned into a detailed feature analysis to ensure the project started on the right path. Throughout the project design and development phases, various checkpoints ensured that the project stayed aligned with PSHSA’s original vision.

The Solution

Focus21 designed and created a project management tool for hospitals and care facilities to complete safety risk assessments and respond to potential hazards, resulting in safer hospital environments.

The WVRA (Workplace Violence Risk Assessment) tool digests information by department and creates recommendations and to-do lists and an action plan to minimize the risk they’ve just reported. It explains in clear language what needs to be done and can assign a person and a due date to implement a solution.

It not only generates good reporting for the Ministry, but also creates creates a clean dashboard for hospital administrators that shows how the assessment is going and which areas to pay attention to.

The Results

The outcome has been reduced administrative workload for both the PSHSA and hospitals, improved safety compliance, increased savings across the board. And safer hospitals.

“For sure it’s making a difference,” says Henrietta Van Hulle, Vice-President, Client Outreach, at PSHSA, who adds that some 300 healthcare organizations in Ontario have created accounts using the new online tool and that hundreds of assessments have now been completed.

“A one-to-one approach for delivering safety information is not going to work when we have thousands and thousands of healthcare organizations across the province and we have a small staff,” says Van Hulle. "We can certainly see the interest there for leveraging technology, from these types of assessment tools and even in the way we deliver training and information".